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Ulead Video Studio 8.0 Se Serial Number

Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE Serial Number: How to Find and Activate It

Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE is a video editing software that comes with some EasyCAP devices, which are USB video capture adapters that allow you to record and edit videos from analog sources such as VHS tapes, camcorders, DVD players, etc. Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE provides easy-to-use features for creating professional-quality videos, such as transitions, effects, titles, audio editing, and DVD authoring.

However, to install and use Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE, you need a serial number that is usually printed on the driver CD that comes with your EasyCAP device. The serial number is a 18-digit code that looks like this: #####-#####-##### ###. You need to enter this code when prompted during the installation process, or else you will not be able to use the software.

Download Zip:

But what if you lost or damaged your driver CD, or you can't find the serial number on it? Don't worry, there are some ways to find and activate your Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE serial number without the CD. Here are some of them:

  • Check the packaging of your EasyCAP device. Sometimes, the serial number is printed on a sticker or a card that is attached to the plastic packaging or the box of your device.

  • Check your email inbox. If you bought your EasyCAP device online from a reputable seller, they might have sent you an email with the serial number and other information about your purchase.

  • Check online forums or websites. Some users who have bought or used EasyCAP devices and Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE software have shared their serial numbers online for others to use. You can search for these serial numbers on Google or other search engines, or visit some of the links below . However, be careful when using these serial numbers, as they might not work for your device or software version, or they might have been used by too many people and become invalid.

  • Contact Ulead Systems or Corel Corporation. Ulead Systems was the original developer of Ulead Video Studio software, but it was acquired by Corel Corporation in 2006. You can try to contact them and ask for a replacement serial number for your Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE software. You might need to provide some proof of purchase or ownership of your EasyCAP device and software, such as a receipt, an invoice, a warranty card, etc.

We hope this article has helped you find and activate your Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE serial number. If you have any questions or problems with your EasyCAP device or Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE software, please refer to the user manual or the official website for more information and support.


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