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What Sort Of Car Should I Buy

Deciding which car to buy is an involved process, and many people try to get behind the wheel as soon as possible. Bear in mind, though, that time invested in finding the right car should pay dividends during the time you own it. Happy hunting!

what sort of car should i buy


And shop around for the best rate. "People are being charged more for interest rates than they should be based upon their creditworthiness," says John Van Alst, a lawyer with the National Consumer Law Center.

"Concerning the extended factory warranty, you can always buy it later," says Reed. "So if you're buying a new car, you can buy it in three years from now, just before it goes out of warranty." At that point, if you want the extended warranty, he says, you should call several dealerships and ask for the best price each can offer. That way, he says, you're not rolling the cost into your car loan and paying interest on a service you wouldn't even use for three years because you're still covered by the new car's warranty.

"The golden rule is that all of your car expenses should really be no more than 20% of your take-home pay," says Reed. And he says that that's total car expenses, including insurance, gas and repairs. "So the car payment itself should be between 10 and 15%."

Diesel has always been less popular than gasoline in the United States and often costs more due to a different taxation structure. But diesel engines offer several advantages, especially to certain kinds of drivers. If you're wondering whether you should buy a diesel car or truck, the answer depends on how much you drive, what kind of driver you are, and what you want from your vehicle.

When looking at pure data to decide whether to buy a car or truck, neither choice edges the other out to take home a clear-cut victory. As a result, the decision is personal, driven by preference, need, and budget, though one that should be influenced by research.

In reality, the type of vehicle you buy should be the one you need or want most. Though there may be a wrong answer for you, either choice you make is entirely valid and may be supported by cold, hard data. What matters most is choosing the car or truck that serves your lifestyle and needs.

\"Manufacturers and designers used to all be men,\" explains Dr. David Lawrence, director of the Center for Injury Prevention Policy & Practice at San Diego State University, which publishes at a weekly update of safety literature culled from some 9,000 scholarly journals around the world. \"It didn't occur to them they should be designing for people unlike themselves. Well, we got over that.\"

Want to know which vehicle offers best protection, in that crash, to the female driver? You'll have to search each and every one of the 74 vehicle ratings: the site does not allow you to search by type of crash or to sort the results. Moreover, for this type of crash as for the other two, different vehicles may all have earned the same star-rating.

\"The key takeaway for consumers,\" he says, \"is not that women should be concerned that safety tests don't represent them. It's that you ought to buy the most crash-worthy vehicle overall that you can find. That way, you'll be getting the highest level of protection that you can, no matter what your gender.\"

Enhanced flooded batteries, or EFB batteries, are a step up from a standard conventional lead-acid design. They are built more sturdy inside and provide double the cyclical stability of the standard battery. They can withstand severe discharges better and can even be used for one of the most demanding technologies now available, stop-start technology. EFB batteries are more expensive than a conventional car battery but you should expect it to last longer on average.

If you live by the sea or have been driving in adverse weather you should try to give your car a quick rinse with water. A once-over with a hose will prevent the dirt and grime of the day settling on your paintwork and eventually rusting.

Cost is a major factor in considering if you should buy an extended warranty on a used car or not. Some companies offer lower monthly payments than others, and some offer lower total costs than others. Are you looking to keep a tight monthly budget or get the best value overall? 041b061a72


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