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30-Day Get Moving Challenge

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Dobrynya Shiryaev
Dobrynya Shiryaev


Whether starting a event rental company that specializes in providing just photobooths, or similar businesses such as mobile DJs or photographers adding photo booth rentals as add-ons to their existing services.


In their heyday, photobooths dotted the landscape in five and dime stores, bus stations, and amusement parks from coast to coast. These days, as big box stores take over from Woolworth's, and digital technology touches every aspect of daily life, old-style photographic process photobooths have been relegated to scrap heaps.At the same time, their antique status and nostalgic appeal have made them attractive to people with a sense of history and an attachment to the fleeting, unique nature of the non-digital process.

Photobooths are hot right now. They are at every wedding, every street fair, and company holiday party. They are so popular they are starting to lose their luster. But there are several spots around Seattle that were doing photobooths before they were cool. And even better, they were doing photobooths before they were digital. We are sending you on a mission. Go experience at least one of these classic, film photobooths! You won't be disappointed. They are dripping with old-timey charm!

These are just a few of the photobooths we have visited around the city. You can see a fairly large list on if you want to explore some others, but make sure to click through on each location to see if there have been updates of closures; some of these photobooths once were, but have disappeared since. 041b061a72


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