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30-Day Get Moving Challenge

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Dobrynya Shiryaev
Dobrynya Shiryaev

Ww Thehartford Com __TOP__

Note: You must have a valid Access Code in order to complete your registration. You should have received an Access Code with your policy. If you do not have an Access Code, please contact Daniel Silverman at

ww thehartford com

1. Disclosures & Consent to Electronic Transactions / Electronic Signature a. By entering the Websites and agreeing to be bound by this Agreement, you are providing your affirmative consent to the use of an electronic signature to submit a claim, application, or other document in electronic form. You understand and agree that the Company will rely on your electronic signature to process the document you submit. b. Once you have given consent for an electronic transaction, you may withdraw your consent only if the Company has not taken action in reliance on your consent. To update your contact information or to withdraw your consent to an electronic transaction, you may contact the Company by calling the number under Contact Us on If the electronic transaction involves the submission of a claim, you may also contact your claim office. There is no fee charged for such requests. However, your withdrawal of consent shall not diminish the legal effectiveness or enforcement of any transaction agreed to prior to your withdrawal of consent. If the electronic transaction involves the submission of a claim and you withdraw consent after your claim has been submitted, your electronically submitted claim will still remain in effect unless the Company receives notice to withdraw or cancel the claim submission.

3. You agree to provide us with your current email address so we can send you notices via email and notify you that documents are available for your review. You also agree to update your account and notify us of any change in your email address. You can make such a change by visiting our website and changing the preferences on your account or by contacting our Call Center via phone at the number listed in the Contact Us link of You agree to be responsible for the consequences of your failure to provide us with your current email address, such as late fees or as otherwise provided by law. In the event of your failure to maintain a valid email address and any resulting inability to deliver official communications to you via email, we will presume that you have withdrawn consent to receive communications by electronic means and will begin to send these communications to you in paper form during the policy term until we obtain a corrected email address.

4. You may request a paper copy of an official notice sent to you, or of your policy documents. There is no fee to request such copies. You may make such request by contacting our Call Center via phone at the number listed in the Contact Us link on

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