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Buy Baby Dolls That Look Real !FREE!

A sweet smile, a mischievous sparkle, an innocent gaze, a tiny hand wrapped around your finger; enjoy all this and more with baby dolls from Ashton-Drake. We're renowned for our collectible dolls, with a selection that spans baby dolls to bride dolls and dolls inspired by your favorite films. And our realistic baby dolls are like no others, boasting a level of doll artistry and craftsmanship that wins hearts every day.

buy baby dolls that look real

Meet our So Truly Real baby dolls and you're sure to be impressed by every detail. Created by renowned Master Doll Artists from around the world, including Waltraud Hanl, Ping Lau and Linda Murray, each is a breathtaking portrait of joy. Here you'll find baby girl and boy dolls, African American dolls, dolls inspired by your favorite Disney and other film characters, even baby monkey dolls so realistic you can almost hear their mischievous chatter. These dolls are beautifully hand-painted, with hand-rooted hair. Their poseable, weighted bodies feel real in your arms, and many are interactive, responding to your touch with sweet "coos," "giggles" and "heartbeats."

Treat yourself to the fun of meeting all our lifelike baby dolls, from newborn baby dolls to toddler and child dolls and so many more. There's sure to be a special darling just waiting to come home with you. Shop Now!

All of our realistic baby dolls are superbly crafted from the highest quality materials and expertly hand-painted to bring out amazingly lifelike details. From our TrueTouch authentic silicone and exclusive RealTouch vinyl skin, to hand-rooted hair and professionally-tailored custom ensembles, every Ashton-Drake doll receives lots of the special love she or he needs to bring them to life for you.

Holding a baby in your arms is unlike any experience on earth. The love you feel in the caress, the joy of the innocence, the comfort of their soft skin and newborn smell - it is pure and perfect. People buy realistic baby dolls, like those offered at Ashton-Drake, to preserve and capture that pure and perfect moment forever.

When you hold one of our reborn-like baby dolls in your arms, you are holding the result of our continuous striving to recreate the precious moment of life, in a lifelike bundle of joy you can have as your own.

Our selection of realistic baby dolls is available for purchase in a wide range of price points to accommodate your budget, and most of them are available with easy and convenient installment plans. Defined by their amazing lifelike features and created from the highest quality materials available, the true value of these precious bundles of joy is priceless to us.

Yes, you can style our baby dolls' hair. Most of our dolls are graced with soft, lifelike hand-rooted hair that can be styled to suit your tastes. In fact, we have created a tutorial for grooming baby doll hair to provide you with lots of helpful tips to keep your little one looking picture perfect all of the time.

We do offer toy dolls that were created specifically for children's play. These can be found as part of our So Truly Mine and Tiny Miracles collections and are appropriate and child-safe for ages 3 and up. We also offer several dolls that have been safety tested for ages 6 and up.

The original reborn dolls are artistic dolls that are meant to be transformed to resemble a human infant. Some consumers of reborn dolls use them to cope with their grief over a lost child, miscarriage, or prepare for the adoption process.

Some important lessons that your child learns are proper behavioral skills, emotional intelligence training, and imaginative storytelling. Finally, children have a lot of fun by playing with real-looking baby dolls.

This is great information and it is really hard to decide which doll. I might could decide if I knew which ones were anatomically correct. You mentioned the 1 boy doll that was, but not the rest. I know some had no baby parts. Personally I am searching for a baby doll with its little parts.

Both realistic looking and feeling, the Reborn Aori Lifelike Baby Doll comes in at 22 inches and wears 0-3 month baby clothes. It comes fully clothed in the adorable duck outfit, with a plush duck, mat, magnetic pacifier, bottle, and birth certificate.

The body is cloth, the head, arms and legs are vinyl, and the baby's face is handpainted with hand set eyes and eyelashes giving it a realistic feel. This makes a great gift for both collectors and kids! I know my toddler LOVES the magnetic pacifier feature!

What makes her so believable is the fact that she has the stereotypical wrinkles throughout her body which you usually see in newborns. She comes with a birth certificate, a set of clothes, a headband, a pacifier, and a baby bottle.

Realistic baby dolls come in a variety of designs and materials. While some are created for daily play, others might be better suited as a collectible. More wallet-friendly baby dolls feature a standard configuration where the arms, legs, and head are made from some type of hard material, and attached to a plush body.

Yes, baby dolls do promote learning. And since toddlers learn through play, toddlers learn from playing with dolls too! Baby dolls provide an opportunity to share and care for something. Taking responsibility through role-playing as a caretaker for a baby doll can be a great way to teach life lessons, practical life skills, and social skills for interacting with others.

One of the best ways to extend doll play is to engage in pretend real-life scenarios with your child and their dolls. For example, you can pretend to feed the doll with a spoon or bottle. Likewise, you can encourage your child to read to their doll, change their clothes, or brush their hair.

Baby dolls are a great way to help toddlers mentally prepare for being an older brother or sister. Depending on the doll you pick, children can learn in real-time how to properly hold an infant, or how to do other tasks such as feeding or diapering a baby.

The unique production process used to make reborn dolls adds to their realistic look. Often an artist must apply multiple hand-painted layers to the vinyl baby doll pieces to make them look more believable. Additionally, multiple internal modifications may be required to help make the baby doll look more lifelike.

If your goal is to find a realistic baby doll for your toddler or young child, then we love the JustToYou Silicone Reborn Baby Doll because of how durable it is, while still being huggably soft and coming with 9 accessories.

With a close runner up being the Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby Dolls. While they are the least lifelike dolls on this list, they do provide the most durability and foster the most responsibility by providing the most practical life skills like caring for a baby that cries, poops, and eats!

We create our Playborn dolls from genuine reborn doll kits, and paint each baby with unique care and attention. Perfect to hold and play with, playborn dolls can bring joy, comfort, and endless fun to people of all ages. Our newborn dolls are weighted with fine glass beads, while our larger toddler sized dolls are weighted with poly pellets. Included with each hand-assembled doll are a baby blanket, bottle, nappies, birth certificate, and reborn certificate of authenticity (when provided by artist).

We are so excited for you to meet our adorable cuddle babies! A Cuddle Baby is a playborn doll that features a soft cloth body instead of the traditional vinyl arms and legs. They are a great option for children, the elderly or anyone looking for that extra cuddle factor.

My children have baby dolls with countless accessories, and they enjoy using their imaginations and pretending to care for them. I love our dolls too. I have owned several types throughout my life and am still a collector today. In fact, many adult baby doll buyers started as collectors when they were young.

My own favorite is the Aori Lifelike Realistic Reborn Baby Doll because of how extremely real-looking it is. It is also 22 inches long and weighs 4 lbs, which is the size and weight of a real newborn baby.

Baby dolls are great toys for children of any age or gender. They teach your little one how to interact with others while also giving them a sense of independence and responsibility. I have also found these dolls to be an educational toy that helps to show them patience and nurturing.

If you are shopping for a realistic baby doll, there are certain features that you should be looking for. Below you will find a list that I have come up with, which touches on every aspect that you can think of when it comes to baby dolls.

There are baby dolls that cry real tears, soil their diapers, and other things. Not many of them do this, but I included one that did for anyone who wanted their baby doll to have those functions. I know plenty of children that do.

Many of the realistic baby dolls are made of soft silicone or vinyl, which feel the closest to human skin. I took a look at what other people have said and found a variety of dolls to please all interests.

I looked at a lot of reviews for each of the baby dolls on this list, and I chose the ones that were loved the most by other buyers and had the best features. I have owned several types of dolls throughout my life and I am still a collector today, so I had a basic idea of what I would want when looking for a realistic baby doll. Plus, I knew what would also be best for a child since that is probably who you are looking for. A sweet baby doll toy for your little one to care for all on their own. 041b061a72


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