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Phantom Forces Fast Animations [Open Source] [PORTABLE]

In addition to this Article, we have developed a companion website ( with detailed step-by-step guides to order parts, videos to build and test the hardware (Supplementary Video 1) and code to begin walking with the OSL using a preliminary control system (further details are provided in the Discussion).

Phantom Forces | Fast Animations [Open Source]


The intent of our design was to provide the highest performance, while facilitating ease of use, as well as reducing mass and cost. We implemented brushless electric motors from the drone industry because their efficiency and torque density permitted lower transmission ratios, enabling the use of timing belt drive transmissions instead of more expensive or complex alternatives that can have substantial product lead times and cost (such as harmonic drives and roller screw transmissions; Fig. 1). Furthermore, the OSL takes advantage of an open-source motor controller and embedded system, enabling researchers to focus on mid- and high-level control strategies, rather than developing low-level controllers and communication protocols. The OSL actuators have built-in position, current and impedance controllers, along with an inertial measurement unit (IMU) and a motor encoder. Together with Python and MATLAB interfaces, the actuators enable researchers to quickly begin control investigations with the OSL.

To simplify usage and accelerate the adoption of the OSL, we developed a companion website (, which is a powerful resource that we hope will be a standard for open-source robotic hardware dissemination. The website includes solid model files, a bill of materials, links to suppliers, control system code, instructional guides, videos on assembly/disassembly and any other relevant information to improve the usability of the OSL (Supplementary Video 1). The content on the website provides the necessary documentation and videos to guide users through the steps required to (1) purchase the required machined and off-the-shelf components, (2) assemble/disassemble the OSL, (3) connect and communicate with external sensors, (4) perform benchtop controller experiments and (5) begin walking on level-ground with a simple impedance controller. We have also developed an online forum to allow researchers to post questions, results or independently developed modifications. Together, these tools will help researchers to use the OSL and encourage a more collaborative community focused on transforming the quality of life of individuals with amputations.

To control overall prosthesis behaviour, researchers provide control commands (for example, desired position, desired current and controller gains) using their preferred hardware system (for example, microcontroller, laptop computer) and an open-source Python or MATLAB interface (Fig. 2). A graphical user interface is also available to quickly test the system, tune controllers, and display and save sensor data.

I have aerial photographs taken by a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). I want to do ortho mosaicing and DEM creation to do volumetric analysis. Are there any open source tools that process the UAV images?

Scraping the raw HTML source of a page is fast, but if you want to execute the page's JavaScript, you need to use a browser to ensure it's executed the same way a user would see it. PhantomJsCloud uses PhantomJS WebKit instances to fully load resources and execute scripts prior to scraping it's contents.

If you have ever tried to use open-source headless browsers like Slimer.js or Phantom.js, You'll know that simple things like "Did the page finish loading?" are difficult problems to solve. PhantomJsCloud solves these problems for you so you can focus on other things.

FreeFEM has it own internal mesher, called BAMG, and is compatible with the best open-source mesh and visualization software like Tetgen, Gmsh, Mmg and ParaView. Written in C++ to optimize for speed, FreeFEM is interfaced with the popular mumps, PETSc and HPDDM solvers.

Universal Media Server is a free open-source DLNA and UPnP Media server that is originally based on PS3 Media server. The primary software package is written in Java, and it runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Home Media Center is an open-source server application for UPnP/ DLNA compatible devices. It supports streaming and transcoding media files, Windows desktop and video from webcams. This project is developed in C#, C++ and uses DirectShow, Media Foundation.

Digital Media Server is an open-source DLNA compatible UPnP AV Media Server. It is capable of sharing digital video, audio and image resources to UPnP AV and DLNA capable devices. It is based on PS3 Media Server by Shagrath and Universal Media Server.

UgCS was well thought out as a flight planning software. It has features that allow the user to plan flights with ease. Flight plans can be manipulated and customized quickly and accurately to whatever the user is trying to accomplish. A vast amount of our flights are conducted in varying terrain, and we have found the DTED and open source DTM function to be very helpful in accomplishing accurate data."

Almost everything has been recreated in Roblox and that includes Fortnite. RBB! Island Royale is almost identical to its source of inspiration as it includes the same open-map scavenging for weapons gameplay as well as similar build mechanics.

Take your FPS shooting to space in this sci-fi fast-paced shooter. Impulse has some impressive polish to its presentation and animations, making it a highly underrated game that everyone should be playing.

The Navigator is coupled with a Raspberry Pi 4 computer, which handles all of the processing and computing requirements within the ROV. It runs our open-source BlueOS software that provides the tools and features necessary to operate and expand the vehicle. BlueOS runs the ArduSub vehicle control software, manages the camera and tether connection, and makes it easy to update the software to add new features. BlueOS is a growing project and will continue to provide new features to all BlueROV2s.

At the surface, the pilot controls the ROV through a laptop computer and gamepad controller. The open-source QGroundControl application acts as the user interface, providing the live video stream, sensor feedback and information, and the ability to change settings and configuration.

The move follows the recent addition of two new employees to Kitware's Santa Fe office and an increase in the number of meetings held with collaborators in the area. The new office location will allow Kitware to grow by an additional five employees in Santa Fe and to host larger collaborative meetings. Having a larger presence in the area will improve Kitware's ability to offer local training courses on its most popular open-source packages such as the recent CMake course offered in March and the upcoming VTK / ParaView course that will be offered in May.

Out of 371 applications, 190 open-source projects were selected to be a part of GSoC 2014. The program not only gives students the opportunity to work on real-world software projects with mentors in the field, but it introduces the mentoring organizations to talented new developers.

To address this bottleneck, Kitware will collaborate with Cornell University on the SBIR project "Open-Source Visualization and Analysis Platform for 3D Reconstructions of Materials by Transmission Electron Microscopy." During Phase I of the project, the team will develop and test a fully functional, freely-distributable, open-source S/TEM package. This package will incorporate a modern user interface that enables the alignment and reconstruction of raw tomography data. The S/TEM package will also provide advanced 3D visualization and analysis that is specifically optimized for materials applications.

The team's research was recently published in the October issue of Medical Image Analysis. In addition, the team has released the detection algorithm as part of the open-source software package TubeTK. 041b061a72


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