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Facebook Hacker V1.8 Free Download Cnet

Facebook Hacker v1.8 Free Download CNET

Facebook Hacker v1.8 is a software that claims to hack any Facebook account easily and quickly. It is advertised as a free download on various websites, including CNET. However, is it really a legitimate and safe tool, or is it a scam and a malware? In this article, we will examine the truth behind Facebook Hacker v1.8 and its alternatives.

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What is Facebook Hacker v1.8?

Facebook Hacker v1.8 is a program that supposedly allows users to enter the email address or username of any Facebook account and retrieve the password in a matter of minutes. It also claims to have a stealth mode that prevents the target from noticing the hacking attempt. The software is said to be compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

According to the description on CNET, Facebook Hacker v1.8 is developed by a company called Astonishing Softwares, which also offers other hacking tools such as Gmail Hacker, Twitter Hacker, and Instagram Hacker. The download link on CNET redirects to a website called Hackers Content, where users are required to complete a survey or an offer before they can access the software.

Is Facebook Hacker v1.8 Legit and Safe?

The short answer is no. Facebook Hacker v1.8 is neither legit nor safe. It is a scam and a malware that aims to trick users into providing their personal information, downloading malicious files, or paying money for fake services.

First of all, hacking any Facebook account without the consent of the owner is illegal and unethical. It violates the terms of service of Facebook and the privacy rights of the users. Anyone who attempts to do so may face legal consequences and account suspension.

Secondly, there is no evidence that Facebook Hacker v1.8 actually works as advertised. There are no screenshots, videos, or testimonials that demonstrate its functionality and effectiveness. The only reviews available on CNET are negative and warn others not to download it.

Thirdly, Facebook Hacker v1.8 is likely to contain viruses, spyware, or ransomware that can harm your computer and compromise your security. The survey or offer that you have to complete before downloading the software may also expose you to phishing, identity theft, or fraud.

What are the Alternatives to Facebook Hacker v1.8?

If you are looking for a legitimate and safe way to access a Facebook account that you own or have permission to use, there are some alternatives to Facebook Hacker v1.8 that you can try.

  • If you forgot your password, you can use the feature on Facebook's login page to reset it using your email address, phone number, or recovery code.

  • If you want to monitor your child's or employee's Facebook activity, you can use a parental control or employee monitoring software that is compatible with Facebook. Some examples are mSpy, FlexiSPY, and Spyzie. However, you should always inform and obtain consent from the person whose account you want to monitor.

  • If you want to learn more about ethical hacking and cybersecurity, you can enroll in an online course or read a book that teaches you the basics and advanced techniques of hacking. Some examples are Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, and The Hacker Playbook 3. However, you should always use your knowledge for good purposes and respect the law and ethics.


In conclusion, Facebook Hacker v1.8 is a fake and dangerous software that you should avoid at all costs. It does not hack any Facebook account, but instead exposes you to various risks and threats. If you want to access a Facebook account legitimately and safely, you should use one of the alternatives mentioned above.


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