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Doom 3 High Res Texturesl

I have same issue with Phrozo Pak. And I'm not even using Dhewm3. Game crashes on level loading screens for me too, even when starting a brand new game & after trying the "delete doom.cfg method". And I'm running a Nvidia GTX 1060ti, don't know if what graphics card I'm using matters, but yeah, don't understand the issue Phrozo Pak is causing for users like myself, you & some others.

Doom 3 High Res Texturesl

id-software original content Moddb.comPerfected Doom 3 (some non gameplay related FX) Moddb.comsluggard high poly models Moddb.comPhrozo mod 2 (some non gameplay related FX) Moddb.comArl's Improvements (models) Full shadows (map files)

In order to showcase these new screenshots, Rivarez released the following screenshots. As we can see, these new high quality textures look great, and retain the art style of the game. Thus, these textures will be a must-have for all those that want to replay this horror take on the Doom franchise.

image_cacheMegs [Megabytes] - Determines the maximum amount of system memory to allocate to temporary loading of full-sized precompressed images if the cache is enabled by setting image_useCache to 1. Note that since this caching only applies to precompressed images, using the Ultra Quality setting will render this setting useless, since at Ultra quality no texture compression is used. Since a cache is only a temporary holding area, and not the place where the entire game is meant to reside, do not raise this value to something extremely high as that will simply reduce the available memory for the rest of Doom 3. Try a value of 128MB for those with 512MB of system RAM, and if you have 1GB or more of RAM, you can try a higher value like 196MB or 256MB for example. Do not automatically set this to half your system RAM or some monstrous amount.

execMachineSpec - Executes all the relevant config files and sets variables based on the machine specifications provided by the com_machinespec variable. For example, if you raise your machine spec to 3 using "com_machinespec 3", then running the command "execMachineSpec" will change all your settings and config variables to the ones appropriate to a machine suited for Ultra quality performance (i.e very high end).

r_lightScale [value] - All light sources are multiplied by this value. Increasing this value increases the intensity of all visible light sources. Basically it makes light sources brighter the higher the value.

r_znear [value] - This setting determines the distance at which z-buffer clipping occurs. The default value is 3, and lower values can result in graphical anomalies for distant objects but improve performance, while higher values may help reduce any z-buffer graphical anomalies, but may reduce performance.

g_fov [angle] - Specifies the angle for the Field of View (FOV). The wider the angle, the larger the field of vision for the player, giving a "fish eye" view in effect, however performance will be reduced. The smaller the angle, the higher the performance. The default of 90 is recommended, but players can try 85 which is a value used in some other games and will gain a slight boost in FPS. In multiplayer, g_fov can only be changed between 90 and 110.

image_usePrecompressedTextures [0,1] - When set to 1, all textures will be precompressed, resulting in less video memory being used and hence smoother performance on most machines. There may be some minor compression artifacts on textures, but these are hardly noticeable. If set to 0, this setting will force realtime compression on textures which results in reduced image quality and performance. Note that if this setting is set to 0 and the image_useCompression setting is also set to 0, uncompressed textures will be used for highest image quality, but performance will suffer and you will get more small pauses depending on the amount of Video RAM on your graphics card, so on balance this should be set to 1.

image_useNormalCompression [0,1,2] - Specifies the compression method used for textures. 0 disables normal map compression for the highest image quality for textures, 1 is 256 color compression (if available), which gives the best performance but provides the most compression artifacts, while 2 is rxgb compression. When combined with the setting above and below, setting this to 0 provides optimal image quality for minimal performance hit.

image_lodbias [value] - Determines the Level of Detail (LOD) bias for mipmapped images. The higher the number, the less detail is visible on surrounding objects. This can improve performance, but reduces image quality. The default is 0, and values above 1 reduce detail quite heavily, so experiment with fractional values such as 0.2 or 0.5.

image_anisotropy [1,2,4,8] - This setting determines the level of Anisotropic Filtering used in Doom 3. Valid values are 1, 2, 4, and 8. The higher the value, the lower your performance, but the crisper textures will appear in the distance. Note that 1 is the lowest you can set for Anisotropic - 0 will simply default back to 1. Also note that if you have forced Anisotropic Filtering in your graphics card's control panel, it will override this setting, so for optimal performance set the Anisotropic Filtering level in your control panel to 'Application Preference', and adjust the level here.

s_volume_dB [Decibels] - This is the sound volume for the game in decibels. You should use the in-game menu volume slider to adjust the sound, but if it is too low or too high you can also adjust it here. Be careful as decibel values are not linear.

image_downSize [0,1] - If set to 1, this puts into effect the downSizeLimit value specified above. If set to 0, textures are displayed at full resolution for highest image quality but lower performance.

image_downSizeBump [0,1] - If set to 1, this puts into effect the downSizeBumpLimit value specified above. If set to 0, bump mapping on textures are displayed at full resolution for highest image quality but lower performance.

image_downSizeSpecular [0,1] - If set to 1, this puts into effect the downSizeSpecularLimit value specified above. If set to 0, surface effects on textures are displayed at full resolution for highest image quality but lower performance.

It's painless to try different proportions and compositions without having to undo hours of pulling points and splines. I usually end up in the 3-4 million polygon neighborhood for a full, contiguous organic creature. This model is only used to derive the normal map, using our in-engine tool, so it's only goal is to be as cool and as detailed as my machine can handle. :) The in-game model is typically a collage of lower subdivision exports from ZBrush, decimations and hand modeling. The divorce between the two has some nice benefits: decisions I make about deformation and joints in the in-game model don't need to be dictated by the high-res, and I'm free from having to texture and UV the high-res model. Following the completion of the low poly model, I simply run DOOM 3 and execute our normal mapping tool from the console. Soon after, I have a pretty good approximation of the high-res mesh in real time manageable format. Yay!

The additional time overhead of building high-res content for games was cut back down to a manageable and practical size in a lot of circumstances. I'd quite honestly be frightened to make another game with a contemporary graphics renderer without ZBrush.

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id explains the video card memory requirements to play Doom 3 at certain quality levels. You need a not yet released 512 MB video card to play the game at the highes stettings! The minimum is a 64 MB card.

In Ultra quality, we load each texture; diffuse, specular, normal map at full resolution with no compression. In a typical DOOM 3 level, this can hover around a whopping 500 MB of texture data. This will run on current hardware but obviously we cannot fit 500 MB of texture data onto a 256 MB card and the amount of texture data referenced in a give scene per frame ( 60 times a second ) can easily be 50 MB+. This can cause some choppiness as a lot of memory bandwidth is being consumed. It does however look fantastic :-) and it is certainly playable on high end systems but due to the hitching that can occur we chose to require a 512 MB Video card before setting this automatically.

But even with those constrains, we still believe the quality to be noticeably better anyway. Check out our comparison images below and give it a try yourself. One caveat though: we do not recommend to use texture prefetching with the FMV pack as the total amount of memory needed is very high.

Doom 3 is highly customizable. Several mods have been made for Doom 3, as well as an HD mod. It contains high resolution textures and optimizations for use with high res widescreen displays. It is highly recommended! So, what to do to use the Doom 3 Absolute HD mod?

Doom 3: BFG Edition supports widescreen resolutions which can be set in the game. It has minor graphics enhancements for high resolution displays. However, it's not nearly as great as the HD mod mentioned above.

If you are impatient about the upcoming releases of Doom Eternal and an updated version of Doom 64, then this pack might be a good way to replay classic N64 titles. Gaming Revived released AI-enhanced HD textures for Doom 64. With these packs, PC gamers will enjoy the N64 title with high-res textures.


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