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Landon Mitchell
Landon Mitchell

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Sometime later, he returned to his cabin when he saw Nate setting Alex free, and attacked him. Immediately, Alex saves Nate by stabbing Three Finger with a large stake before making their escape. However, Three Finger manages to survive and followed them as he leaps on top of there escape truck, causing them to crash into a tree. When Brandon was helping both Nate and Alex, Three Finger attacked them once more. During the final battle, Nate manages to stab Three Finger in his head with the meat hook. Three Finger gave Nate a sickly smile for the last time before he died, he then throws him on top of the burning truck and soon after it explodes, destroying his body, Thus ending his murderous reign once and for all. Sometime later, Nate greedily returns to take the remaining money from the armored truck. Karma takes its toll and Brandon appears from nowhere and betrays him, shooting him in the back with an arrow. While Brandon takes the money, an unknown cannibal appears and brutally bludgeons him to death with a crude club ending the movie.

Scary Movie 5 In Hindi 300mb !!TOP!! Free 37



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