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Hack Flickr For Pro Account Features

a standalone uploading tool is not one of the features of pro accounts. In fact I think Flickr discontinued the standalone tool some years ago? I am not surprised with operating system updates that an old tool would eventually cease to function. If you can't find an alternate 3rd party uploadr (check the app garden) I'm afraid you're stuck with the browser-based uploadr.Posted 113 months ago.( permalink)

Hack Flickr for Pro Account Features

dumplife, access to the original size is only a feature if it is offered or you supply the URL from which ends in jpg, if a person goes a round about route of extrapolating what the URL from is of the original size file then this is obviously not a feature. If someone had to go to that length on any web site to call up something that was supposed to be a feature that web site would soon lose all its traffic.As far as people with free accounts not being able to offer their original size photos for download, well, that is perfectly true. Show me one Free Account holder offering their Original Size photo. The largest size they can "offer" is Large, there is no link to Original size. Of course, it may be possible for someone to do what I said above, but, you have still not offered it. If someone picks the lock to your house and takes something then according to your logic no crime has been committed as you have offered it to them.Posted ages ago.( permalink)

I didn't know you could work out the url. I have used the url on private photos to share with non flickr members and members without permissions to view all my private photos. This is why I thought that the "new" feature to share a set of private photos was a non event since I was always able to do that via the static url. Of course you can just add "o" to the end of it to get the original as I have read in these forums before. It probably is a good idea to relace large files with small ones. Keep the large sizes in a true photo storage site. One of the features that "sold" me on the flickr pro account vs the free account was the hype about being able to upload , store, and share arger sizes.Posted ages ago.( permalink)

> Calling the way one can get the full size a "hack" gives too much credit to the many who figure out how to do it, and one should not compare it to picking a lock, but rather to opening a door that was closed but not locked.i agree with you.that's why i wouldn't recomment to upload hi-res photos to flickr unless you don't care people downloading them without your knowledge.copyright might be a legal protection, but in order to use it, you need to catch the thiefs, which is virtually impossible on the the best is to prevent access to hi-res versions by not uploading your hi-res images on flickr.> Do not upload an image in a size larger than you would like the whole world to have. The fact is that nothing is safe on the internet.there are ways to make access to data more safe. if not, there would be no banks on the internet!Posted ages ago.( permalink)

mcnod:I don't see much happening at all in that group anymore. ... the research seems to be over.Indeed. Explore behaves too unpredictable to identify any patterns. So they were encouraging somebody from staff to become a whistleblower. But to their surprise that person couldn't share any secrets about the magic donkey. Explore is not a huge piece of unmaintaineabe spaghetti code as I always assumed; it's an early attempt of AI implementation which has completely got out of control.But this is not the end. The gamers have established a contact to those Russian hackers that were engaged in US elections to reeingineer the weird logic of Explore.And if this doesn't work either, the plan is to implant one of their masterminds undercover in Flickr staff to tame the monster and install a backdoor which will allow any image to get in Explore just by adding a hidden tag.You see, what incredible dimension of criminal energy is present in that group. Those people would walk over dead bodies only for the sake to get explored.Until then, the only gaming advice to get to Explore is:Start a new account, try to limit the number of followers and faves per image to max 10 (because anything beyond is suspicious to game the algorithm), and post buses, trains or lego in chunks of min 30 images per day.:-)Posted 48 months ago.( permalink)

For $50 per year, Flickr offers a number of features in addition to allowing you to store and view as many photos and videos as you want, ad-free. Advanced stats let you see the popularity of your photos, how many views they got at any given time, and which ones are trending. A pro account also includes an uploader for both desktop and mobile, which lets you automatically upload new photos from your smartphone, hard drive, Dropbox, Photos app and other sources. New users can join SmugMug at a one-year 50 percent discount.

However, there's actually a whole host of awesome features on smart TVs that most people don't know about. If you don't want to miss out, keep reading to find out about the hacks, tricks, and easter eggs you probably didn't know your TV had.

Nice piece. Pretty darn informative. I use PicBackMan as my Primary photo & video uploader. It automatically upload photos and videos from my computer to my multiple cloud accounts, simultaneously. The premium subscription ensures a faster upload with many additional & advanced features like de-duping.

Because of this exception, you should always use all the security features offered by Coinbase to make it as difficult as possible for anyone to use your account without permission. You should also do this if you are not depositing in the form of US dollars and are therefore not storing your funds in a USD wallet.

While Coinbase has suffered a hack in the past, it is by no means an unsafe option for buying, selling, and storing your cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a trusted and legitimate exchange with a range of security features that can help in protecting your account. So, if you choose to use Coinbase, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your funds are being kept as secure as possible.

Note that while several of them cost nothing or offer free photo storage or free accounts, you can usually pay more for premium features such as unlimited storage, group members, password-protected photo galleries, video files and even photo editing features.


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