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187 Ride Or Die

187 Ride or Die features the voices and likenesses of rising young actors including Larenz Tate (Menace II Society, Ray), Noel Gugliemi (Training Day, The Fast and the Furious), and Guerilla Black. 187 Ride or Die tells the story of a reluctant urban hero named Buck (L. Tate), a young man living a thug’s life seething with money, fast cars and beautiful women – with danger lurking around every corner. Set in the underworld of Los Angeles, Buck must defend the territory of his mentor Dupree (G. Black) from a menacing nemesis and his gang of bandit roughriders, led by Cortez (N. Gugliemi), who are determined to take control of the streets.

187 Ride or Die

A Jewish girl, from the women's camp, the courier Mala Hartman Tzimmetbaum, number 19880, has escaped, and Edek Galinski number 531, from the men's camp. Shvartzhuber wondered that a long-term prisoner of his, escaped. It is no use looking. “The loving couple has escaped”. After the evening meal, Edek's good friend ran to Yurek Baron who was the last to be with Edek and Mala. All the acquaintances shake his hand from joy, that his friend managed to escape. It was mostly the Jews who were happy, writes the friend; the Jews invited me to them and honored me with food and drink. In every camp site, one hears only one topic: “Edek and Mala”.[Page 195]Yurek told the friend, what took place at the block-house. Mala was lucky, because the S.S. man Pershl, happened to ride off on his bicycle, and the female overseer who remained, was a stranger. They told her that they were on their way to repair the rim of the toilet lock that had broken off. (Edek broke it). Yurek escorted Mala into the toilet, dressed her in the overalls of a Polish worker, put the heavy basin on her head, took her out of the toilet and led her in the direction of the potato bunker, where Edek was waiting dressed in his S.S. uniform. Mala walked slowly. Her entire body trembled, as if she was having an attack of malaria. With their permit in hand, Edek left with Mala, through the chain of S.S. guards. Everything went according to plan, without event.In the “work unit” the friend stood in the first row, together with Chamek, the Jew. When they passed through the women's camp, the chief overseer said to Edek's friend: don't play the same game with me today, that your friend Edek played yesterday with the “glazier”, the main overseer. He managed to get by without a hitch, but I am a Jew, and my head will roll, because of you. Give me your word of honor that you will not escape.A courier, small in stature, gave a sign to Edek's friend that she wanted to talk to him. This small Slovakian girl was overjoyed. She proceeded to describe the scene at roll-call. Dreksler, the S.S. report administrator, thought that Mala had taken ill somewhere, in a corner of the camp, and that was the reason that she was not present. Everyone in the camp searched in every nook and cranny.The friend then went to Shimlak[10] and asked him to bring back the S.S. uniform from Edek, so that he would be able to use it to escape the next day. Shimlak, however, did not arrive the next day, as planned. Instead, a civilian came, looked at the number on the friend's arm, and winked to him to approach him. (The numbers were those that the S.S. tattooed on the left arm of every prisoner, numbers that were there forever. Each prisoner must die with his number on his arm, and each one must live with his number).Shimlak would not be coming today, he said, but he had something to give me. The Gentile removed his hat and took out a note from Edek. The message in the note read, that they had advanced without any problems. Edek and Mala reached the little village of Kozi in the evening. Mala feels well and they are continuing.The Gentile adds that Edek and Mala were unable to find Shimlak's house in the village of Kozi where they were supposed to stay the night. They asked the peasants where Shimlak's house was located. An S.S. man and a girl were wandering around in the vicinity, so Shimlak did not allow Edek and Mala stay over because he was afraid that the women would betray him to the Gestapo, so he sent them to an unknown Christian. That man [Page 196]sent them to a haystack in the field where they could spend the night. Edek did not send the S.S. uniform back, because Shimlak did not want to take it. It appeared that we expected too much of Shimlak. Edek also did not want to put Shimlak in danger and he left the village.A day later, again two Polish prisoners escaped – Kostek Yogiella[11] and Tomek Sabinski, and later Rishek Kordel, Micholok, and Papuga. A few days passed and news arrived that Edek and Mala had been caught. 041b061a72


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