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Can I Buy Delta Miles [UPDATED]

Buy Miles is an online program that allows SkyMiles members to purchase miles for their own SkyMiles account. Simply complete the Buy Miles Purchase Information to begin a transaction. When prompted, enter the number of miles you would like to purchase for your SkyMiles account. Buy miles may only be received into SkyMiles accounts that have been established for at least 10 days and have earned at least one mile since enrolling in the SkyMiles program. Miles awarded by our partner will not satisfy the earned mileage requirement. Miles awarded for the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express will satisfy the earned mileage requirement.

can i buy delta miles

Download Zip:

All SkyMiles program rules apply to SkyMiles program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption and travel benefits. To review the rules, please visit Membership Guide Program & Rules. Taxes and fees for award travel are the responsibility of the passenger and must be paid at the time the ticket is booked. Award travel seats and complimentary upgrades are limited and may not be available on all flights or in all markets. Delta is not responsible for goods or services offered by any companies participating in miles promotions. Partner offers subject to the terms and conditions of each individual offer. See individual offers for details. Partners, benefits, and offers subject to change. Offers void where prohibited by law. Other restrictions may apply.

SkyMiles is a registered trademark of Delta Air Lines, Inc. Delta may change the SkyMiles program rules, change or terminate program partners, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation or mileage levels, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of mileage already accumulated. Delta may also modify or cancel any award, increase the mileage required for any award, modify or regulate the transferability of awards or benefits, add an unlimited number of blackout dates or limit the number of seats available to any or all destinations. Delta has the right to terminate the SkyMiles Program at any time. This Program may be terminated by Delta at any time, with or without notice. All SkyMiles program rules apply to SkyMiles program membership, miles, offers, mile accrual, mile redemption, and travel benefits. To review the rules, please visit. Offers void where prohibited by law. Other restrictions may apply.

With more customers than ever earning miles in everyday activities other than flying, like using their Delta SkyMiles American Express Credit Card, grabbing a Lyft or staying at an Airbnb, even Members with lower balances will find their miles more valuable as the global airline expands the ability to use them.

GOL Award Travel: On April 1, 2020, Delta and GOL ended their partnership and SkyMiles Members are no longer able to redeem their miles for Award Travel on GOL. Award Travel booked on GOL on or before March 31, 2020 will be honored. For these Members, Award Travel tickets will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

Pay with Miles is an exclusive benefit for Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Members. This benefit allows Card Members to use their miles, starting at just 5,000 miles, to discount the price of Delta tickets. Regardless of ticket price, a Card Member can reduce the cost of their ticket by up to $50 for every 5,000 miles. For example, redeeming 10,000 of your miles takes $100 off your fare, 15,000 miles takes $150 off, 20,000 miles takes $200 off, etc.

For example: a Card Member who currently has 22,000 miles in their SkyMiles account selects a round-trip flight from Atlanta, GA to Washington, D.C. for $250 total fare. By using Pay with Miles, the Card Member can redeem 20,000 miles to reduce the ticket cost by $200. The Card Member would then pay $50 and 20,000 miles for the ticket.

If you do not have the minimum 5,000 miles per passenger available in your account, you will not see Pay with Miles as an option to purchase your ticket after selecting your flights. Pay with Miles is only available for Delta Air Lines (not partner airline) flights. You also must log into to see the Pay with Miles option.

Pay with Miles is a benefit of Delta SkyMiles American Express Cards where you can use miles to pay for all or part of the price of eligible flights. It is always available as a payment option on all Delta operated flights as long as you have 5,000 miles in your SkyMiles account. Pay with Miles always has a value of up to $50 per 5,000 miles for Card Members. Miles + Cash is a redemption option on Award Tickets offered to all SkyMiles members where you can pay for your flight using a combination of miles and dollars.

The most typical method is actually flying on that airline, but many companies have credit card partners, accept point transfers from hotel rewards programs, or even let customers answer surveys for miles.

Delta miles tend to be worth 1.2 cents each, outside of promotions and oddly priced flights. That means if you start with no miles and purchase enough miles to pay for an entire ticket, you'll end up paying more than double the regular cash price.

The most common situation in which it makes sense to buy Delta SkyMiles is when you need to book an award flight very soon and you're only missing a small number of miles required for an award ticket.

Delta miles -- main cabin vs. first class Cabin class Main cabin class Delta One class Miles required 45,000 105,000 Regular ticket price $563 $2,287 Value per mile 1.25 cents 2.18 cents

The caveat to this strategy is that it might not be best for the frequent Delta flyer who may prefer to keep miles for future flights. However, if you aren't a frequent Delta flyer and need to use up your miles, purchasing first class tickets with your miles could be a great way to do it.

In the past, Delta has run deals offering bonuses as high as 75% on miles purchases, effectively reducing the cost of purchasing miles to 2 cents per mile. This is still above the average value per mile you can get from Delta outright, but it makes buying miles a much more attractive prospect.

Delta SkyMiles Members wanting a little extra leg room or the premium Delta experience can now purchase that upgrade using miles instead of cash on after booking their ticket. Delta is an industry leader in offering this simple self-service option via its website, with the same functionality coming to its award-winning Fly Delta app in early 2019.

Using miles for upgrades after booking builds on the functionality Delta pioneered with post-purchase upgrades last year that allows customers to buy a premium seat online using either the same or a different method of payment from the one they used to buy their ticket.

"Whether you're just starting to build your SkyMiles account, or you've been collecting miles for years, Delta is making all of our Members' miles more valuable by offering more ways to use them for Delta purchases, big and small," he said. "Our ultimate goal is for SkyMiles Members to have the choice to use miles anywhere they can use cash with Delta, and to be able to make those transactions available in digital channels."

This latest customer offering is part of the innovative investments Delta is making in its SkyMiles program, which was recently named a Best Travel Rewards program by U.S. News & World Report. Industry-leading partnerships with brands like Lyft and Airbnb allow customers to engage with Delta by earning miles for everyday activities, while the award-winning Delta Sky Club experience continues to be a reason Members choose to fly Delta.

SkyMiles Members can expect more choices and more miles toward their next journey when they book with Airbnb, whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month. Reminder, to earn miles, SkyMiles Members must book through and enter their SkyMiles number prior to every booking.

If you want to pay for the same flight using Delta SkyMiles or Miles + Cash, simply toggle the tabs in the top right corner of the result page. Had you wanted to use SkyMiles to cover your entire ticket, you would redeem the following number of miles:

New to the world of points and miles? The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is the best card to start with. With a bonus of 60,000 points after $4,000 spend in the first 3 months, 5x points on travel booked through the Chase Travel Portal and 3x points on restaurants, streaming services, and online groceries (excluding Target, Walmart, and wholesale clubs), this card truly cannot be beat for getting started!

Of course, you may very well get much more value for your Delta miles (my husband still talks about the time when he once got a value of 20+ cents per mile for a business class flight to Brazil). Just do the math first.

Because of this, we recommend staying away from sites like these. Better to at least book direct with Delta partners and then elect to earn Delta miles for your stay. Hyatt, for example, offers 500 Delta miles per stay. And IHG earns up to 2 miles per dollar (depending on the hotel).

The Delta SkyMiles Gold offers 2X miles on Delta purchases and partner airline travel, 2X miles at restaurants (including U.S. delivery and takeout) and U.S. supermarkets and 1X miles on all other purchases.

If you care more about achieving Medallion Status and earning 3X miles on hotels and Delta flights, the higher-tier Delta Platinum card can provide key Status Boost, annual companion certificate and extra travel protection features to meet those elite criteria while the Delta Gold earns more rewards on purchases outside the airline. Just make sure your spending will justify the additional $250 annual fee.

Additionally, when you fly on a paid flight, you may credit your flight to any of the other SkyTeam partner airlines. By focusing all your earnings to one airline's frequent flyer program, you'll reach elite status with Delta quicker and earn enough miles for a free flight. For example, you may be flying Aeromexico and choose to credit your flight to Delta. 041b061a72


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