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Krunker: How to Master the Skill-Based Movement System

Krunker (.io) is a fast-paced pixelated first-person shooter game. In this game, players drop into a pixelated landscape to fight against other players from around the world. This game can be played casually to pass the time, or seriously in competition against other die-hard Krunker GameplayJoin the hectic and fast-paced action in Reminiscent of staple FPS games like Counter-Strike, reaction speed and aim are your greatest asset. Move quickly to evade fire and shoot sharply to take down your enemy with clean precision. You can jump into a game instantly for immediate action, or choose custom game modes in the server menu.

Before fighting, choose from one of 11 different classes, like detective, rocketeer, agent, runner, Bowman, and hunter. Each class has a different style and outfit. Moreover, each type has a different primary and secondary weapon. The triggerman, for example, carries an assault rifle and pistol. Choose a class that suits your playing style, or master them all.

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Download File: has a vast selection of maps, created by both the game developers and fans. Users can submit map creations of their own, which results in hundreds of maps to choose from. The creativity of the map designs is superb. You can play on anything from rocky lava landscapes to ancient Aztec pyramids.

Krunker is a web browser game. It was originally made for computers, but is now also available on mobile devices such as iOS and Android devices. In addition, the game also has been released to Steam since February 2021. If you like playing Krunker, check out our other .io games for more fast-paced shooters like Shell Shockers. is a pixelated 3D online multiplayer web game, where you have to battle against your opponents with various weapons. You play this as a first-person shooter (FPS) and you can join multiple game modes: Be the king of the hill in a free-for-all, or cooperate with teammates to win in a team deathmatch. Next to these game modes, you can also join custom game modes. Choose between different classes, for example, agent, runner, hunter, and more. Every class comes with different appearances and weapons. Weapons can range from assault rifles to snipers, shotguns, pistols, and even rocket launchers! In you can play default maps, but also maps created by the community. is fast-paced and has a similar feeling to Counter-Strike. Keep track of your K/D ratio, wins, scores and show how competitive you are. Challenge your friends here on Poki to beat your scores. You can play on your PC, tablet, and mobile phone without downloading.

There are 15+ official playable maps in The maps are all very different from each other, think of desert-, jungle-, winter-, mountain-, city-themed Maps. There are even maps based on Call of Duty's Nuketown and Counter Strike's Dust II. Maps are still being added, removed, and updated.

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Play online for free on Poki. Every month over 30 million gamers play online on Poki. Want to discover more great games? Check out the New Games or start your discovery on our Popular Games page.

This is operated by Yendis Entertainment Pty Ltd. Australia. This is a game played in landscape mode and can be played on either a PC or mobile device. Join the hectic and fast-paced action in this game, where players drop into a pixelated world and fight against other players from around the world.

The game has 11 different classes for you to choose from such as detective, rocketeer, agent, runner, Bowman, hunter,... Each class has an alternate style and outfit. Besides, each type has an alternate essential and each type has a different primary and secondary weapon. Each class has a different style, outfit and each type has a different primary and secondary weapon. In this game, you will drop into a pixelated world and fight against other players from around the world. You must be an accurate and fast shooter at the enemy. You will have guns and maps in the first person to looking for other combatants and shooting them. Try to find better weapons on your way to become the best shooter in the Krunker game.

FACEIT Ranked Alpha Testing started during September 17, 2021 for selected EU Competitive players, and invited Closed Beta Testing was available in the update v5.2.1 where players with Closed Beta Access are able to invite other players and give them access to play ranked.

FACEIT offers many rewards for playing Krunker Ranked Matches, completing missions, and competing in ladders or tournaments. Note: It is not required to earn any rewards but purchasing a Premium Membership for FACEIT will allow more opportunities to earn more and bigger rewards.

The FACEIT rewards system to earning cosmetics for Krunker is based off a FACEIT point system. The FACEIT website includes a store, where you can use your earned points to buy items in the shop. Krunker items are usually themed after the season. You must connect your krunker account to a FACEIT account before being able to compete, earn, and rank.

The krunker page in the FACEIT shop offers rewards varying from sprays, melee weapons, and skins for weapons. Note: When redeeming points for items, your order will be processed but you will not receive the items until after the season ends.

Public Game Modes are the modes on Official Servers that you can earn KR and XP from. They have a 4-minute timer, and your kills and deaths along with other are counted at the end of the match. These modes can also be played on custom games.

Note: Your stats won't be affected unless you play the public game until the very end of the match. As of update v5.0.0, leaving a game before the timer ends will count as a lost game in your Stats.

Added in v2.5.2, Kill Confirmed is a team-based game mode where each killed player drops a token with the "K" symbol on it and others can collect it. Claiming a blue token gives 25 points to the claimer, while denying a red token (claiming a teammate's token) offers 10 points. The winner is the team with the most blue tokens collected.

Added in v4.0.7, Domination is a team-based game mode where you secure the objective zones. There are 3 zones on the map, zones A, B, and C. The objective is to capture any of the 3 zones, and hold them down as long as possible. To secure a zone, players in the same team must stand in the highlighted zone for 10 seconds. You will see a progress bar indicating the progress of securing the zone and a chat message when you successfully secured it. The more players from the same team securing a zone at the same time, the faster the progress completes. If players from both teams are contesting the same zone, the progress will remain in a contested state. Neither of both team gains progress from the same zone until the contesting ends. If all team members leave the zone before it is captured, capture progress resets. Players who successfully secured any zone earn 200 points, and 10 objective points are added to their team's score every 1.5 seconds. This game mode is currently not available on all rotation maps.

Added in v5.5.2, Deposit is a team-based mix of Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint, where you kill players, gather their K token (red for enemies, blue for teammates) and deposit it into the point zone. These zones are the same 4 for Hardpoint in all maps. Collecting each coin grants 5 points, and depositing grants 75 points each. The limit on tokens you can hold at once is currently 20, and they do despawn after time.

Party Game Modes work like Public Game Modes except one of them is available as the 4th option in the voting system, seen from the indicator "Party" at the bottom left of the option. They were initially implemented in v3.7.3 in a type of server known as "24/7 Party Modes", which, as the name suggests, ran these game modes all day. These servers had a player limit of 12 instead of 8. Between v3.7.3 and v3.7.4, they gave an additional 15 KR bonus to the winning player in addition to the KR received from the normal scoring system, making Sharp Shooter the only game mode players were able to get up to 75 KR in one round (if they have Krunker Premium, are playing in Challenge Mode, and if they win the game). However, in v3.7.5, the 15 KR bonus was removed, and in v5.0.0, the 24/7 Party Mode servers were integrated into Official Servers and the player limit was changed back to 8.

Added in v1.3.6 as a custom game mode and became a party game mode in v3.7.3, Gun Game is a variant of Free for All where when you kill players. your weapon upgrades to a better weapon. Each time you kill a player, your weapon will upgrade into the next gun in a specific order. The order is listed below:

The first player to complete the final knife level and kill an enemy by meleeing or throwing the knife wins the match. Killing a player with a knife or a throwing knife before reaching the said level will downgrade the weapon level of that player by one, but keep yours the same.

Added in v2.6.8 as a custom game mode and became a party game mode in v3.7.4, Sharp Shooter is an FFA-based game mode with a twist that all players will be equipped with a random weapon every 20 seconds. As of v3.8.1, there is also a Perks system in Sharp Shooter that gives you extra speed, reload time, and fire rate according to your killstreak.

Added in v5.0.7, Kranked is a variant of Free for All where once you kill an enemy, a 15-second timer will be activated. If you fail to kill another player before the timer runs out, you will explode and die. During the countdown (being "Kranked"), players will have a 25% speed boost, 35% reload speed boost, and 15% fire rate boost.

Added in v0.9.91, Parkour is a single team game mode where the objective is to parkour around the map, getting points for reaching score zones, that are generally placed in the hard-to-reach areas. However, if you want a competitive Parkour match, it is possible to host a custom FFA/TDM/Hardpoint game where the only available class is Runner, where the players/teams compete with each other to get the most points from score zones. This mode doesn't work on those maps where there are no score zones. It is also recommended that you set the timer to 0 in this mode so you will have unlimited time to parkour, because some parkour maps take a long time to complete.


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