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Claas Parts Doc V5.0.36.0

Claas Parts Doc v5.0.36.0

Claas Parts Doc is an electronic spare parts catalogue for Claas harvesting machines and tractors. It contains detailed information about the components and assemblies of various Claas models, as well as exploded views, diagrams, and part numbers. It is a useful tool for finding and ordering the right spare parts for your Claas machine.


The latest version of Claas Parts Doc is v5.0.36.0, which was released in March 2023. This version includes the following features and improvements:

  • A new user interface with a modern design and enhanced functionality.

  • An improved search function with filters, suggestions, and history.

  • A faster and more reliable performance with optimized data loading and caching.

  • A better compatibility with different devices and browsers, including mobile phones and tablets.

  • An updated database with the latest Claas models and parts.

To access Claas Parts Doc v5.0.36.0, you need to register on the Claas website and log in with your credentials. You can then select your region and language, and choose the machine type and model you are interested in. You can also use the serial number or VIN of your machine to find the exact parts catalogue for your machine.

Claas Parts Doc v5.0.36.0 is available online on the Claas website , or as a downloadable application for Windows or Mac computers. You can also order a DVD version of the catalogue from your local Claas partner.

Claas Parts Doc v5.0.36.0 is a valuable resource for Claas machine owners, operators, technicians, and dealers. It helps you to identify, locate, and order the correct spare parts for your Claas machine, and to maintain it in optimal condition.


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