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Dobrynya Shiryaev
Dobrynya Shiryaev

Download Full Movie First Strike In Italian WORK

The film is divided into two main segments. The first section of the film is a dramatization of a sneak attack by Soviet Union nuclear weapons against the United States. The premise of the attack is based on Soviet nuclear submarines approaching the United States West Coast and launching a barrage of missiles at ICBM silos and B-52 bomber bases, and other Soviet forces manage to destroy a number of U.S. ballistic missile submarines at sea. In the film, when Strategic Air Command is able to launch a retaliatory strike, over 80% of U.S. strategic forces have been destroyed, and the President of the United States is forced to surrender to the Soviets under threat of U.S. urban centers being destroyed. U.S. casualties are stated to be eight million dead; the "low" number is because of the Soviet attack hitting military bases, instead of cities.

download full movie First Strike in italian

None of the Air Force personnel was credited in the film, but the ICBM launch crew has visible name tags as "Lieutenant Krause" and "Captain Stanton." In the film The Day After, the missile launch sequence begins with Lieutenant Krause quickly hanging up a phone and saying, "I gotta go." First Strike shows the first half of the conversation in which Krause is on a date with a girl and invites her to a party at La Hacienda, a popular steakhouse near Minot. The original footage also shows both men being killed by a direct nuclear strike on their underground launch capsule.


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