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Dobrynya Shiryaev
Dobrynya Shiryaev

[S2E6] Weird Day

This is what I mean when I talk about how weird this show is. Daniel's big performance being totally ignored doesn't feel like it's part of a coherent story, and it's not because there aren't threads of a coherent story to be told about Daniel: his grievances with Alex, his frustration with his career, his increasingly fraught relationship with Mia. But ... what?

[S2E6] Weird Day

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Chip barges in at Alex's place, only to run into Isabella (one of Alex's flacks) watering the plants. Isabella acknowledges that she doesn't know where Alex is either; Alex told her she was going away and not to tell anyone. Chip presses Isabella on the fact that Alex has left a lot of people in the lurch, including Mia, and Isabella unloads this very weird rant about Chip being the kind of mediocre white man who gets too many second chances. This speech honestly sounds like it was written for something else entirely and then dropped into this scene, because as many second chances as Chip has gotten, Alex has gotten just as many, and the person who gave Chip this second chance was Alex, and it was because she felt guilty!

A quick reminder: Alex has been treating Stella like garbage, Mia like garbage, and Chip like garbage. She threatened to sue Maggie for publishing truthful information about her by lying that it was false. There are certainly mediocre white men on this show and elsewhere who get too many chances, but this is a weird speech to stick in the middle of a scene in which Chip is following a direct order from Mia to figure out where Alex is, which he tells Isabella. Of all the people to use "you're a mediocre white man" as a defense, it's in the mouth of a paid advocate for a wealthy and powerful white woman who has been acting like a Grade-A jerk? Why?

Previously on Jamestown: A weird episode sees Nicholas Farlow return from Bermuda with a fey new acquaintance named Simeon, who claims to be an alchemist and bears a more than passing romantic interest in his friend. In the end, though Simeon cannot make gold, he claims to have changed his gender, but Farlow chooses his love of the law over sexual attraction and sends his new friend away. Elsewhere, Jocelyn chooses herself, telling both Dr. Christopher and James Read that she can be with neither of them, even though none of us are terribly clear on how she has enough money to live on as a widow with no property. Need more details? Our full recap of Episode 5 is right this way.

The episode follows Claire's love for Halloween, which leads her to transform the Dunphy residence into a haunted house for trick-or-treaters. Cameron cannot shake a childhood trauma related to the holiday and Mitchell has a terrible day at work. Gloria acts weird after Jay and Manny tease her about her accent.

Inside, we see at least four check-in stations; the only one with a line behind it is "O-R", manned by Odelia. Oscar and Ms. O step to the front of the line, and Odelia greets the former, remarking that he has "finally made it to Lab Con". Oscar reveals that Oona is taking care of the lab while he's away, but expresses worry as she has never been left on her own before. Oscar and Odelia laugh about the idea that she might make the lab explode, then Oscar decides to leave. Ms. O holds him back and reminds him that he always complains about missing, as she puts it, "this weird, sweaty scientist party". She says that Oona will be fine in the lab.

On Season 2 Episode 6 of Top Chef Masters, we learn which chefs are used to eating weird things and which ones are not, and how "geoduck" is pronounced. This week's contestants are Jody Adams, Susan Feniger, Susur Lee, Tony Mantuano, Rick Moonen, Marcus Samuelsson, and Jonathan Waxman.

Jody is seemingly non-plussed, even though she's never so much as seen a geoduck up close before. She says, "I figure, it's a clam, I'm from New England, I know clams. So I feel confident about the challenge." Marcus is also trying to be smooth, and says, "Growing up in Ethiopia and Sweden, I'm no stranger for me eating weird food: cockroaches, veal brain, fish eye. It's only strange when it's the first time."

I suspected a teachable moment was coming and sure enough, we get one thanks to Andrew Zimmern, who says, "We've lost connection in our country with eating out of necessity. What's weird to us is common cuisine and traditional grandmother food in another country."

Meanwhile, Brandon is shooting a new music video for his R&B ballad "Somber." Alana, the singer featured on the track, tells him that inviting your ex-girlfriend to star in a music video about a song you wrote about her is weird. But, she adds, Brandon's current girlfriend, Camila, shouldn't be upset about Brandon hanging out with other girls. Alana says that Brandon's newfound fame means that groupies and obsessive fans will always be around the corner. Pause. I'm pretty sure Brandon's girlfriend doesn't care that he's spending time with you, Alana. Camila seems more worried about Brandon hanging out with his ex, Madisson.

At the bar mitzvah, Dave encourages the young boys to loosen up and encourages them to do crazy things since their age will prevent them from facing consequences. When Elz and Dave decide to talk about their problems, they interrupt boys performing a weird dare.

"You're like Bella Swan, and I'm like her weird friend who doesn't understand how fabulous her life is because her boyfriend won't spend, like, four dollars on tacos," Shoshanna tells Marnie when she finds out her friend is hosting a party with Booth.

Just then, Fiona begins to feel weird, clutching her stomach, and feeling uncomfortable while trying to dribble the ball. Jenny watches this, smiling broadly and laughing hysterically as Fiona begins to feel worse.

Erica confirms that he wouldn't remember and informs him that he kissed her and that is why she has been acting so weird. Kai sits down at her table, intrigued by the fact he kissed her, and Erica says he told her he wanted to know what it would be like.

Kai wonders if she wants him to apologize for doing something he doesn't even remember but Erica replies that she doesn't. She says it's not that they kissed but that the secret and weird thing they share is dangerous and that he is the only person she can talk to about it - which she needs. 041b061a72


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