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Step Up S03e09 |WORK|

Business is booming at Montelongo House Buyers. Despite his busy schedule, Armando is now trying his hand as an author and is looking to sign his first national book deal. With Armando gone, Veronica has to step up to the plate. For her first flip as Vice-President of Montelongo House Buyers, Veronica is flipping it green. The Garden Ridge house is the perfect candidate for an environmentally friendly makeover. While Armando tries to reach the masses with his book Veronica struggles to reach him when the project threatens to go awry. Is Veronica up to the task of turning this little house into an eco-friendly gem?

Step Up s03e09

Chuck is back in the HHM boardroom with no constraints. After a meeting, Howard proposes to him that he step away from the firm while remaining a partner emeritus. Chuck thinks this is because of his condition, so tries to prove a point by turning on the lights. But Howard points to his declining mental health as well as his erratic decision-making. Furious, Chuck storms out of the room.

Hank is unable to cross to the other side of the bridge, and fends off the rest of the ghouls so Donna and Tim can go back to Earth. After he gets back to the limbo area, he meets up with his step-brother Don Hall, who also goes by the name Dove. They talk about how many people in the after life need heroes to help save them from the ghouls. At least Hank has something productive and helpful to do while there.

Back with in the world's most luxurious cell block, Hannibal suggests to Will that the killer might be disfigured. "This is a very shy boy, Will," says Hannibal, "I would love to meet him." Will thought of the disfigured angle already, of course, due to the shattered mirrors and shards placed on the victims' eyes post-mortem. Hannibal believes that, like Will, The Tooth Fairy needs a family to distract himself from the monster within. He instantly draws parallels to The Tooth Fairy's need for a family to Will's need for a family. Like Will, Hannibal believes, that The Tooth Fairy wants a ready-made family of a wife and step-children. He is fearful of the terrible traits that he could pass on. "You know better than to breed," says Hannibal. Hannibal is chalk full of hints. He asks Will about the victims' yards, because he believes that a killer with a special relationship to the moon would like to go outside and look at it. Thus, the victims would need to have a yard that provided privacy.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, I think you're right, a launch is kind of the dream of every team coming together, especially at a small start-up, it's marketing's kind of once chance to work with product, work with sales, CS, so outside of the launch, is there anything maybe that he did, or that other marketers you've worked with have done early on to kind of prove, "Hey, I hired the right person, and they're, I have the right person in this role, they're really carrying it, and I can kinda take a step back, and I don't have to, maybe worry so much about it?"

I'd love to here, just obviously, you're trying to take this little bit of a step back from marketing, having the head of marketing join, but are there any parts of marketing that you're kind of having a hard time letting go of, that just, you're super passionate about personally, and you k- kind of, if you had the time, you would hang onto those forever?

Vanessa Rule: You know, I'm a mother. The reason I'm doing this is because I think about my children, and there must be other mothers out there. The question is, how are people going to respond and how do we get them to step away from their incredibly busy lives to get involved? It's proven, I mean it feels like we've tapped into this untapped gold mine. It's about giving people a viable pathway for action, and then connecting them to each other. Then [00:04:00] they learn together. A huge part of our learning approach is to create conditions for learning.

Dave Damm-Luhr: Continuous learning and training, education and mentorship, all in community, are key parts [00:08:00] of the Mothers Out Front model. One that's been high value to many groups, because it's easy to replicate and apply to locally meaningful climate issues. Helped by people in other places that are a step or two ahead.

Stacy Levy: Part of this Mothers Out Front model that's so helpful is having a mentor, and someone who can coach our team or individual members at times when they're facing something new. It's like before we met with council members, we had some support about how to do that. They actually arranged a training, and they invited other teams to join it as well, so that other teams were [00:09:00] able to benefit from that at a time when we were needing it in that moment. There's a lot of support, and getting teams to step up to the next level.

Dave Damm-Luhr: These trainings lead to a rapidly expanding crew stepping up to give powerful speeches at rallies, reach out to other local groups to build coalitions, negotiate with political and industry leaders, and create brand new chapters around the country.

Dave Damm-Luhr: Let's return to the concept of learning that develops leadership, empowering the unlikely [00:14:00] activist as Vanessa said, in us all. Modeling effective behaviors. Ample encouragement. Demystifying the power of expertise. All the kinds of things that support members learning by doing. We heard many stories of people learning to step up to the mic, start speaking up, and speaking out.

Curt Newton: Yeah. Here Vanessa's going to tell us about one newish member of Mothers Out Front taking an important step, from simply opening her home for a house party where someone else did the talking, to speaking and facilitating the conversation at the house parties herself. Guess what? It didn't end there.

Vanessa Rule: What we were teaching her was how to do the talking, and sort of being in front of the room. She said that she was terrified, but her instinct was just to say yes. That's been her experience over and over and over again. That the organizer would come to her and say, "Would you speak at this rally? Would you [00:15:00] lead a team? Would you do this?". It's, "Just keep saying yes", and taking those baby steps. Realizing that there are other mothers who have done this, and that you don't need to be an expert. All you need to do is be a mom. Not that all you need to do is be a mom. But there's a lot that comes with that. It's just about putting one step in front of the other, and just following in other people's tracks.

She's now coaching moms in California and other parts of the country. One of the things she says to them is, "I'm just one step ahead of you". Just that connection and that reassurance. A lot of people just need courage. They know what to do once they believe they can do it. But it's shifting from, again that place of powerlessness and, "Other people have the answers. There are experts out there", to realizing that we're the leaders we've been waiting for.

Curt Newton: "I'm just one step ahead of you". Gives me chills. That's a brilliant way to keep connected as [00:16:00] expertise develops and gets shared around. It really pulls you in.

Curt Newton: When we take a step back and look at how these women have been able to accomplish so much, it seems to me that it comes down to their awesome ability to create this circle that is supportive for everyone in so many ways. Where the members are connecting deeply around learning, growth, and a shared love for their children.

Vanessa Rule: The first step is to create community so [00:25:00] they're not feeling alone, and realizing that they can work together to affect change. But then there are tried and true organizing skills that social movements have drawn on for the history of time. Like knowing how to have a one to one conversation with somebody to find out what they're interested in, and see sort of where your interests match and how to get them involved. Learning how to tell your story. Learning how to develop a strategy. Learning how to organize a rally. 041b061a72


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