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Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (HD) Lyrics

Before the album's release, Del Rey had attracted attention with her 2011 singles "Video Games" and "Born to Die", which contrasted contemporary electronic/dance music with their cinematic sound accompanied by dramatic string instruments. A predominantly baroque pop and trip hop album, Born to Die features the same cinematic composition. The lyrics are about love, sex, and drugs, and features prominent references to 1950s and 1960s Americana. The album was the world's fifth best-selling album of 2012, and had sold over 7 million copies by 2014. In 2021, it became the second album by a woman to spend more than 400 weeks on the US Billboard 200, where it peaked at number two, and topped charts in Australia and various European countries including France, Germany, and the UK.

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (HD) Lyrics

The lyrics of "Off to the Races" have been called "a freak show of inappropriate co-dependency",[28] with a chorus that recalls Sheryl Crow's "down and out drunken loner persona" in her 1994 single "Leaving Las Vegas".[28] Pryia Elan of NME noted that the track "almost falls under the weight of this persona. There's none of 'Video Games''s measured, piano-led reflection. Instead the psychosexual rumblings of the lyrics and the dual voices she uses offset the comparatively simple musical shades on display."[28]

At the time of writing, the arguably alternative, allegedly self-made pop starlet known as Lana Del Rey is best known for a beautiful song called 'Video Games' and a shambolic live performance of that song on impassable US comedy show Saturday Night Live. During her head-spinning, six-month ascent to fame, the outspoken folk who keep the internet in business have had countless gripes with Del Rey; her bee-stung lips, her doe eyes, her '50s and '60s-infused style, her vacuous lyrics and her record label-appointed role as a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra". Nothing too bad, then, given that the most frequent moans related to what an absolute ride the 25-year-old is.

There will still be hate for Lana Del Rey after the world hears Born To Die, but at least now, naysayers will be able to direct their grievances towards specific gremlins in the album's works, namely, OTT arrangements and laughable lyrics.

One of the only tracks gangsta enough to nod your head to, 'Diet Mountain Dew' takes inspiration from mid-tempo '90s hip hop, all the while letting Del Rey eschew the ditzy lyrics and indulge her Nancy Sinatra side. One of the record's best.

A truly catchy track that sees Del Rey put her talents to proper use. Stark, Jamie XX-style beats meet restrained, clever lyrics ('Pick me up and take me like a vitamin'). It's worth pointing out, of course, that the 'Radio' Lana Del Rey is the most frivolous Lana Del Ray of the whole record and that the song in question is essentially an ode to how awesome it feels to be famous. Maybe our pouting princess is being ironic, it's hard to tell. Either way, this song is no 'Blowing In The Wind', but simplicity is a good look on her.

The song was written by Del Rey and Justin Parker after the success of "Video Games". Mention of the song was known as early as July 2011 when Del Rey posted lyrics via her now defunct personal Facebook account.[1]

When it comes to the writing of the song, in an interview with Dazed Digital, Parker stated they connected as they shared a similar psychological approach to life. Parker said "my philosophy is 'you only live once' and we just came up with the concept "born to die" in conversation one day. We were half-joking but it really started to resonate. Once you're born, the only certainty is dead".

What determines our identity? Are we stuck with that with which we are born, a result of our environments and families, or do we have the ability to construct them anew? For Lana Del Rey, the answer is clearly the latter. Born Elizabeth Grant in New York City, the 26-year old singer grew up in Lake Placid until she was shipped off to boarding school at the age of 14 to deal with her alcohol addiction. Although born into a family of means, Del Rey continuously presents herself as struggling and eternally isolated. This discrepancy has caused many to challenge the persona she showcases in her lyrics and videos. However, the crooner has indeed survived her fair share of trying personal experiences and makes a large effort to expose herself to others through her passionate involvement with community service, specifically through homeless outreach as well as drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The singer pulls off her self-constructed image marvelously and respect her dedication to maintaining an artistic guise.

This girl and a guy are in love. They get together and get high and smoke a lot.(Let's go get high) They are typical careless teenage lovers. They fight a lot, but they love each other.But sometimes love is not enough and relationships crumple.(But sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough. I don't know why). One day, the girl and the guy meet after a long separation. So they get all exited and make out and smoke.(Come and take a walk on the wild side let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain. You like your girls insane.) But the girl just isn't feeling it, she's sort of disconnected. She does it anyways because she loves him. On the car ride home, the guy senses that the girl is upset about their relationship and how all they do is kiss and smoke. So, while he is driving he leans over and kisses her. But, while his eyes are off the road there is a terrible accident and the girl dies. ( You and I, we were born to die)

I think the girl is in love with a boy who has his apprehension about the relationship and the girl. But the girl tells him that life is a long journey and it's okay to have a little fun, to walk on the wild side at times, to get high. She tells him that sometimes love is not enough in this journey, but for them to keep on laughing and not crying is what matter cause they are in fact born to die. Born to die in the sense that in life the only inevitable truth is death. Nothing else matters cause everything has to meet its indispensable end.

I feel that this song starts off as if Lana thinks she's in the best relationship and the guy she's with is the love of her life. In the second verse when she says she was lost but now found, I think she's finally realizing that she has made a mistake in her relationship and is having second thoughts. In the ending of the song she keeps repeating 'we were born to die' so she is trying to say to the guy that she wants to breakup, but he is saying 'no' and keeps urging her on until finally they breakup (and it's the end of the video where the dude is holding the bloody body of Lana) .

This song is about a strong addiction that remains ironically intact. The harder LdR tries to detach herself from that addiction, the more she admits their common destiny in the face of an inevitable end. At the beginning, it looks like the last innings of a relationship where love is still intact but it just doesn't work any more. LdR asks for the ultimate sacrifice from her beloved one to end the relationship ("take me to the finish line"). She feels ready to set the final stage ("feet don't fail me now"), admitting how she contributed her fair share in making that relationship not work (selfishness "take what I could get", naivity "confused as a little child"). Having reached that point of no return, she asks him not make her sad and celebrate their special relationship one last time. Now comes the twist: When LdR sings that the "road is long" and "we carry on in the meantime", she accepts that this last stage of their relationship, her addiction, could become an eternal one. Ironically, the hope that the relationship will finally end ("born to die"), enables her to carry on.

I think this song is about realizing that you love someone so much that sometimes you must take everything away in life and get away to realize that in the end all you have is love. She knows he is the one for her because she has known it all along and knows the gates will tell her so. I believe this song is about how they tried hard to convince themselves that they weren't for each other and in the end they were born to die together

The string sections in the songs manage to be hard-hitting at some moments and gentle the next, which separate it from many pop albums out now that are clouded with loud beats to cover dull lyrics. This album gives the listener the chance to really listen to the lyrics and decide if they are good or not, rather than being fooled by a catchy beat.

Taylor Swift herself, whose sister albums folklore and evermore share a similar somberness to the softer moments on Born To Die, has acknowledged Del Rey's monumental place in the world of pop. While accepting the Billboard "Woman Of The Decade" award in 2019, Swift called Del Rey "the most influential artist in pop," adding that her vocal stylings, lyrics and aesthetics have "been repurposed everywhere in music."

Del Rey adds to those themes within her lyrics, smartly criticizing the rose-colored glasses that have tainted American history. Take Born To Die single "National Anthem," whose patriotic imagery builds up a dream relationship before revealing the pitfalls of a manifest-destiny mindset in the bridge. "We're on a quick, sick rampage/ Wining and dining, drinking and driving/ Excessive buying, overdose and dying/On our drugs and our love and our dreams and our rage," she sings.

L'Impératrice (the empress in French) are a six-piece Parisian group serving an infectiously joyful blend of French pop, nu-disco, funk and psychedelia. Flore Benguigui's vocals are light and dreamy, yet commanding of your attention, while lyrics have a feminist touch.

(We were born, we were born, we were born) why?(We were born, we were born, we were born) who? Me?(We were born, we were born, we were born) why?(We were born, we were born, we were born)

In the midst of her video, Del Rey revealed the title of her forthcoming album, "Chemtrails Over the Country Club," causing people to speculate that it's all for publicity ("it's only been four days and lana's album rollout has felt like a decade," one person wrote). 041b061a72


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