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18 Salon Kitty 1976 Br Rip 1080p Movie Torrents

The simple guide to Torrenting on YTS, by CrocodileMeet.Everybody has an opinion about movies, just like everyone has an asshole. So don't be a dick and put someone else down for sharing their opinion just because you don't agree with h. Or you're clearly an asshole.Torrenting can be hit or miss. OTTO, or should we say Freebot, appears to download and seed movies as and when they are released on Amazon Video or Netflix.The torrents have an IMDB rating, and the rating is shown is the rating at the time the movie is added to YTS. It is not a live rating that updates in sync with the IMDB site. So the rating shown on YTS should therefore just be seen as a guide.Sometimes the audio track may be wrong. Or the language. Sometimes the stream cuts halfway, so what we get is an incomplete movie packaged and seeded. But seeing as how we are not paying for this anyway, we really shouldn't complain too much. Just alert your fellow brothers and sisters in the comments section below, and move on.Now let us turn to the issue of when to download. This is of course, a matter of choice. These are my top tips. They may not be the same as yours. These are just - my opinion.1. Don't download a 2019 or 2018 movie (I.e. a movie released the same year or the year before) without first checking the real IMDB rating. New movies tend to have an inflated rating simply because everyone connected with the film including the producer's mother will rate it 10.2. If the rating is less than 6.0 - don't bother. There are better movies to see. Note that the 6.0 threshold doesn't apply for horror movies. Many people rate horror movies poorly because they want to show they weren't scared or the movie wasn't scary. Often this is not the case. It's an ego issue. So my threshold for horror films is around 5.1. Any thing less - I just skip.3. Finally - Be careful in reading IMDB ratings - on the site you will find the rating and immediately below that the number of votes (this is not the same as the number of reviews). If something has a very high rating but the number of votes is less than 500, it's probably not trustworthy.Feel free to copy and share the above or to repost. Remember- this is just the opinion of one person. Yours may differ. Doesn't mean we can't get along right? We are all part of OTTO's army, after all.

18 Salon Kitty 1976 Br Rip 1080p Movie Torrents

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