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Dobrynya Shiryaev
Dobrynya Shiryaev

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Many biological materials, such as wood and bone, possess helicoid microstructures at microscale, which can serve as reinforcing elements to transfer stress between crack surfaces and improve the fracture toughness of their composites. Failure processes, such as fiber/matrix interface debonding and sliding associated with pull-out of helical fibers, are responsible mainly for the high energy dissipation needed for the fracture toughness enhancement. Here we present systemic analyses of the pull-out behavior of a helical fiber from an elastic matrix via the finite element method (FEM) simulation, with implications regarding the underlying toughening mechanism of helicoid microstructures. We find that, through their uniform curvature and torsion, helical fibers can provide high pull-out force and large interface areas, resulting in high energy dissipation that accounts, to a large extent, for the high toughness of biological materials. The helicity of fiber shape in terms of the helical angle has significant effects on the force-displacement relationships as well as the corresponding energy dissipation during fiber pull-out.

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Most amusing dot-com advertisement Approximately 450 million Web site ads came out in the past year, all vying to be amusing. We liked exactly three. E-Trade's ER-themed "money out the wazoo" ad wins the series, though it's hard not to crack a smile every time you see that sock puppet. EDS's stellar cat-herding ad was disqualified after judges learned that the company is technically not a dot-com.


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