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Icom CS-V8000 Cloning Software: A User-Friendly Tool for Customizing Your Transceiver Settings

your order will be verified before your order will be authorised to download. you are responsible for making sure your credit card details are correct before clicking the download button. your credit card will be charged when you download the software.

Icom CS-V8000 cloning software download

all our available products are listed on our website. this section is for only the icom software that we sell. if you click on the icom cs-v8000 cloning software download link, you can download the software. once you have downloaded the software, you can use it to load your radio. make sure you read the instructions before you start downloading the software.

download the latest software as soon as it is available, and then wait for the emails to arrive. as soon as you receive a radiotronics email with the link, download the software using the link provided. once the download is complete, open the folder and find the folder named "icom-cs-v8000-cloning.exe". double click the file and follow the on-screen instructions.

once you download the software, make sure you keep it in a safe place. although you may run the software for a full 24 hours, icom may change the updates and your software may not work when you next run it. that being said, the software is typically user friendly and will walk you through the process with pictures and a simple list of things to do. please note that the software can be used on multiple icoms and icoms can be used with multiple radios. the software will not allow you to change the radios current settings.

there are two ways to update the software. the first is to open the folder you downloaded the software into and double click the file named "icom-cs-v8000-cloning.exe". the second is to go to the folder you downloaded the software into and double click the file named "icom-cs-v8000-cloning. then click the "run update" button. once the update is complete, you can close the software.


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