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Dobrynya Shiryaev
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Suits - Conflict Of ...

Working together to overcome these common obstacles and learning which group does what task best should be part of the next MJBiz Conference and many future gatherings of the best and brightest among both groups. My gut tells me stoners will create craft products, community centers, compelling brands, ESG companies, consumption experiences, and a few multinational companies that kick ass on a large scale like Cookies. That same intuition informs me the suits will probably excel at large-scale production and distribution, pharmaceutical formulations, and industrial hemp. The suits can make sure this miracle plant gets into every medicine cabinet, every belly, and every building on Earth. Those are educated guesses, at best, and who knows how it will all shake out? Who knows what wonderful surprises will come out of both the suits and the stoners?

Suits - Conflict of ...

One thing is certain: the task will be impossible if the stoners and the suits are engaged in a long, bloody Prohibition 2.0 that has no end but bankruptcies and imprisonments. If people of color continue to get locked up and locked out of the industry, the suits will be subject to boycotts and protests. If Prohibition 2.0 is launched against the stoners by the suits, politicians, and law enforcement, the outcome will hurt everyone. The stoners have not come this far to go out without a fight and their level of commitment is greater than the suits any day. They have less to lose and are battle tested by the long Drug War, with access to new technology. They can produce as good, or better, weed at a fraction of the cost. They will continue to gain market share with these advantages.

The suits are moneyed, smart, talented, and will also put up a good fight. They have access to elected officials. Law enforcement stands ready to align with anyone they can. How long will they tolerate the stoners taking their market share? At what point do they decide to force politicians to use tax money to go after the stoners? How long will it take for investors to pile on? When will the first new prison be built for the stoners? The road ahead feels perilous, indeed.

We can right the wrongs of the past with respect to social equity. We can embrace generosity over greed, and inclusion over exclusion. We can find a way to scale internationally without trashing the planet. And we can ensure that cannabis, as a healing agent and spiritual teacher, is available to everyone on Earth at a price they can afford. This is what the world can look like when we successfully build the bridge between the stoners and the suits. This is the world I envision for our community and industry. I invite you to join me.

1369 By its terms, the Eleventh Amendment bars only suits against a state by citizens of other states, but, in Hans v. Louisiana, 134 U.S. 1 (1890), the Court deemed it to embody principles of sovereign immunity that applied to unconsented suits by its own citizens.

In the area of conflict of laws, an anti-suit injunction is an order issued by a court or arbitral tribunal[1] that prevents an opposing party from commencing or continuing a proceeding in another jurisdiction or forum. If the opposing party contravenes such an order issued by a court, a contempt of court order may be issued by the domestic court against that party.

One way to reduce the risk that a firm will be disqualified from an intellectual property engagement is to obtain conflict waivers from the clients involved. It is not clear whether K&L Gates ever obtained any such advanced waiver from Cyber. Once an actual conflict has developed and two clients are in an adversarial position, obtaining a conflict waiver can be difficult, if not impossible.

Now, Blizzard is trying to take advantage of that alleged conflict of interest to delay the state case against it and to potentially disqualify many of the DFEH attorneys involved. In a new filing, the company asks the court to pause proceedings in the case to give it time to perform legal discovery and see if "disqualification or other remedies exist."

Beyond the two attorneys accused of a direct conflict of interest, Activision Blizzard also argues that "violation of these rules could lead to the disqualification... of the entire group of DFEH attorneys with whom they have worked" as outlined in the California Rules of Professional Conduct. Activision Blizzard also alleges another possible rules violation by DFEH attorneys who improperly reached out to Activision Blizzard employees and urged them not to retain private counsel.

"This is a pretty massive thing, and if true would call into question large portions of the DFEH process," Michigan attorney and Virtual Legality host Richard Hoeg wrote on Twitter following the initial EEOC conflict allegations. "It might even provide Activision with its own defense to the original suit."

The seldom controversial Little Hoover Commission has been slapped with a lawsuit that charges the state watchdog panel with hiring an outside consultant on gambling with a clear conflict of interest: He has worked for the gaming industry.

The legal action, filed in Wake County Superior Court, maintains the N.C. Medical Society has the ultimate power to choose all physician members of the N.C. Medical Board, creating a conflict of interest because the Medical Society is the doctors' "trade association."

Lawsuits filed in ensuing years allege Olchowski promised one type of weight-loss surgery but delivered another, less-proven procedure. Others claim he made mistakes during surgery. Mintz said Medical Board representatives were sympathetic when she spoke with them in 2002 and ensured her "things would change."

"People have been talking about this for several years. You have an obvious conflict here with a trade association naming all the professional members of a regulatory board," Craige said. "We've had discussions with legislators in the past on it and there hasn't been a move on the part of the Medical Board to address this. We've invited them to and we were hoping they would do something but they didn't, so we filed suit."

The potential conflict developed when Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud fired Special Assistant Attorney General Noah Hall from his lead role in a state-initiated civil lawsuit on behalf of the people of Michigan against engineering firms contracted for work leading up to the Flint water switch in April 2014.

It is clear, Hirshon wrote, that the assistant attorneys general intend to walk on both sides of the proverbial conflict line, with one foot on the side of plaintiffs and the other on the side of defendants."

The Superior Court lawsuit filed by de la Torre challenged the Council's January vote to disqualify him from "participating in or attempting to influence, discussions or decisions relating to this litigation" because he has a "common law" conflict of interest.

The judge also found that the Council's decision that de la Torre "had a disqualifying conflict of interest" was correct and that he was "properly excluded from participating in meetings in which the (voting rights) litigation was discussed." 041b061a72


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