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Download GSTR 2A in Excel or JSON format: Benefits and Challenges - Zoho GST

GSTR-2A reflects all the purchases made by a taxpayer during a particular period, as filed by its suppliers. The details appearing in GSTR-2A are auto-populated from the GSTR-1 filed by all the suppliers of a taxpayer. Currently, a taxpayer can download GSTR-2A month-wise only.

The GST registered businesses must reconcile GSTR-2A and the purchase data to claim the maximum eligible Input Tax Credit (ITC). A taxpayer has to reconcile the downloaded GSTR-2A data with their purchase data manually, which is time-consuming. Instead, using a recon software or tool will make this task easier.

download 2a from gst portal

Step 6: The requested file will be downloaded from the portal in a zipped folder. Make sure that your system has .rar,.zip software to unzip the file. Lastly, unzip the excel file to use GSTR-2A data.

The taxpayer has to download the GSTR-2A if the number of invoices is more than 500 in number. One must have the GST offline tool installed on the system to be able to use this file. Here is a step-by-step guide to download the GSTR-2A.

Step 5: Now, you can download the file in 2 formats, JSON or Excel. Select the required format. On request, the server will take a minimum of 20 minutes to generate the file. Visit back to the page after 20 Minutes.

If you select Excel file download, the file will be made available in a zip format same as the JSON file. Download the zip file and extract the excel file. You can view the details uploaded by the seller through this file.

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GSTR 2A being a read-only form, it cannot be filed on the GST website. It comprises all the information regarding the inward supplies along with the TCS and TDS. Using information from a business's counterparties' returns, the GST portal auto-generates GSTR 2A according to the following:

Business entities use the GSTR 2A form to get invoice details from their vendors or sellers. Businesses need to check this form for accuracy and correct any discrepancies before filing their returns on the GST portal as GSTR 2

Although GSTR 2A cannot be filed, it can be viewed and downloaded from the portal. This article is dedicated to the steps involved in viewing and downloading the document. Here is what the post describes:

Deskera Books helps you manage all your Journal entries, apart from managing the products, services, and inventory all in one place. Producing balance sheets, income statements, profit & loss statements, and cash flow statements are made much easier with this software.

GSTR 2A is a self-generated statement where visibility of all incoming supplies made by your supplier in GSTR 1 has been made available to recipients. The details will be made available on the submission of returns in the portal. Apart from the details of GSTR 1, details operator from GSTR 5 (supplied by non-resident taxable person), GSTR 6 (ISD), GSTR 7 (TDS Deduction) and GSTR 8 (collected by TCS e-commerce) will be self- generated.

The details can directly be viewed on the GST portal by making a login and accessing the return filing segment which stacks in other returns of the taxable person or can download GSTR 2A file and view it in the offline utility tool.

Note: In the form GSTR 2A, invoice / records up to 500 for a table/section can be seen online if the invoice is more than 500, the common portal will create a GSTR 2A file and the registered taxable person shall view these details of the invoice in the offline utility tool available on the Goods and Services Tax Portal.

Scrutiny of GST Returns (GSTR 1 vs 3b vs 2A vs 9) will now take less than a minute. Just upload all the files (12 GSTR-1 excel files, 12 GSTR-3b pdf files, 12 GSTR-2A excel files and 1 GSTR-9 Excel file) and click reconcile followed by download.

The GSTR 2A & 2B Reco ensures that you get 2A & 2B view on a single page with Email to Supplier or download in excel option. Identification of mismatches or excel like functioning with Linking or Delinking of matched invoices.

GST laws require timely filing of GST returns monthly, quarterly and annually. With KDK Express GST software, file all your returns from GSTR 1 to GSTR 3B on time and accurately. Generate complete returns by importing data from your existing software / excel, push to GSTN and eSign returns from the KDK's Express GST software.

Step 4: The File Returns page will be displayed. You have to select the Financial Year & Return Filing Period (Month) for which you want to view Form GSTR-2A from the drop-down list.

While filing GSTR-9 of F.Y. 2017-18, one of the issues faced by the taxpayers was the non-availability of detailed invoice-wise information of auto-populated information in Table 8A of GSTR-9 in respect of Details of Invoices appearing in GSTR-2A of the taxpayers. The ITC amount appearing in GSTR-2A downloaded as per authorized GSP/ASP or directly from GST Portal was not matching with ITC amount auto-populated in Table 8A of GSTR-9 for reasons known to GSTN only.

The new document is basically a filtered version of the GSTR-2A document after excluding certain transactions from ITC claim for various reasons. It will contain B2B Invoices, Credit Notes, Debit Notes along their amendments if any.

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This article covers how to download GSTR 2A full year, GSTR 2A introduction date, how to download full year GSTR 2A , how to download GSTR 2A from gst portal for full year, how to download GSTR 2A quarterly and the following topics:

GSTR-2 file will be available on the GST portal in a downloadable format that you can view online or download to view offline. The online facility, however, lets you view records of only up to 500 invoices in GSTR-2A.

To download your GSTR-2A statement, visit the GST Portal, and click on Services > Return > Prepare Offline > Download Tab > Generate File. Download the file and use the offline utility tool (available on the portal) to view it.

Disclaimer: The is strictly an information portal. The information provided here is best to our knowledge and is gathered from multiple reliable sources across the internet. We are not responsible for any harm that may occur beca of any information or news article present on this website. Users are, therefore, requested to validate the information before taking any specific action on it.

GSTR 2A keeps the data related to all purchases which are practically processed for business by the government portal. The information emerging in the GSTR-2A auto-populates from the GSTR-1 filed through all the suppliers of a taxpayer. Taxpayers can download GSTR-2A data month-wise only as per the guidelines of GSTN.

Also click on the Generate Excel file to generate tab and also file download in JSON format. After choosing option one should download offline for the GSTR 2A file which will be processed in 20 minutes in excel format.

GSTR-2A is a purchase-related document which is provided to each business registered on the GST portal. It describes the transactions a business makes in a specific month, thus noting all invoice details. It is, however, a read-only document, serving only to inform a business of the invoice details of its sellers. Before filing their returns on the GST portal as GSTR 2, the company concerned should verify this form and correct any discrepancies.

GSTR 2A reconciliation is the process of matching the data in form GSTR-2A (auto-populated from various suppliers' GSTR-1, GSTR-5 & GSTR-6) and the data as per the purchase records of a business.

GSTR 2A is an auto-generated statement available on the GST Portal. It shows the purchases made from various suppliers and the amount of input tax credit available on those purchases for a particular month. It is a dynamic statement that gets updated as and when the suppliers file their GSTR-1 return. If the supplier delays filing GSTR-1 for a particular month, the purchaser has to go back and check the GSTR-2A records for that month to find the updated data and take credit in the subsequent months.

Mitigate penalties and ensure transparency. Uncover unaccounted transactions with ease. Access detailed invoices from the current and previous years for comprehensive financial visibility. Stay in control of your records, meet compliance requirements, and enable accurate reporting.

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Since the introduction of GST, GSTR-2A has been available on the GST portal. However, GSTR-2B is a newly introduced form made available from August, 2020. Option to download GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B is available in following way:

Therefore, GSTR-2A contains details of purchase made from a registered person, Credit distributed by Input Service Distributor, TDS deducted, TCS collected, IGST paid on Import of Goods and IGST paid on purchase of goods from Special Economic Zones.

The GSTR-2B is made available to every taxpayer with advance features which were not available in GSTR-2A. The GST department has kept both in usage as GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B have different features which can be used separately. Apart from similar features in both the statements the following are the features which made GSTR-2B distinct and more advanced from GSTR-2A :


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