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The Ultimate Review of Bertino Aquino Discografia: Pros and Cons of His Music

Bertino Aquino Discografia: A Guide to the Music of the Dominican Singer


If you are a fan of Christian music, you may have heard of Bertino Aquino, a Dominican singer who has been making songs for more than three decades. He is known for his uplifting and inspiring lyrics, his catchy melodies, and his distinctive voice. He has released 21 albums so far, covering various genres such as merengue, bachata, salsa, ballad, and pop. In this article, we will explore his discography and highlight some of his most popular and influential albums.

bertino aquino discografia


Who is Bertino Aquino?

Bertino Aquino was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on March 21, 1961. He grew up in a humble family and started singing at a young age in his church choir. He also learned to play guitar and piano by himself. He felt a calling to dedicate his life to God and to spread his message through music. He recorded his first album in 1988, titled "Yo, Tú y Él", which means "Me, You and Him". Since then, he has been producing albums every year or two, collaborating with other artists and performing in concerts around the world. He is married to Nelly de Aquino and has four children.

What are his main musical genres and influences?

Bertino Aquino is a versatile singer who can adapt to different musical styles. He mainly sings in Spanish, but he also incorporates some English words and phrases in some of his songs. He is influenced by both secular and religious music, especially by Latin American artists such as Juan Luis Guerra, Marcos Witt, Jesús Adrián Romero, Ricardo Montaner, and Luis Miguel. He also draws inspiration from the Bible, his personal experiences, and the social issues that affect his country and the world. His songs are often upbeat and joyful, but he also expresses sadness, pain, hope, faith, and gratitude.

How many albums has he released and what are their titles?

According to Shazam and, Bertino Aquino has released 21 albums so far. Here is a table with their titles and release dates:


Release Date

Yo, Tú y Él

October 1988

A Donde Irán Los Muertos

May 1988

Manos Arriba

January 1989

Mi Amigo El Eterno

September 1989

Se Fue En Las Nubes

March 1990

Lo Que Dice La Gente

September 1990

La Mujer Adultera

January 1991

El Puente

September 1991

Un Año Más

August 1992

La Tercera Llamada

December 1992

Mi Humilde Oración June 1993 El Televidente February 1994 Un Canto al Afligido October 1994 No Dejes Caer Tu Vida November 1995 Hasta La Meta November 1996 El Pobre Rico November 1997 Regalos del Señor October 1998Pensar en Jesús November 2000 Bertino Entre Amigos (Himnos Inmortales) June 2007 Recuerdos De Mi Madre 2012 La Visita De Jesús 2012 Hueso De Mis Huesos 2019 Cuando mi Llanto Rompe el Silencio March 2022

El Puente (1991)

This was Bertino Aquino's seventh album and one of his most successful ones. The title means "The Bridge" and it refers to Jesus Christ as the bridge between God and humanity. The album contains eight songs that praise God's love, mercy, power, and grace. The songs are mostly merengue-based, with some ballads and pop elements. The album was well-received by critics and fans alike, who appreciated its musical quality and its spiritual message.

Overview of the album

The album opens with the title track "El Puente", which is a fast-paced merengue song that invites listeners to cross the bridge that Jesus offers them to reach eternal life. The chorus says: "El puente está puesto / Ven y crúzalo / No te quedes atrás / Que el tiempo se va" ("The bridge is set / Come and cross it / Don't stay behind / Time is running out"). The song also warns about the dangers of sin and the need for repentance.

The second song is "Mi Agradecimiento", which means "My Gratitude". It is a slow ballad that expresses Bertino's gratitude to God for all that he has done for him. He sings: "Mi agradecimiento / Te lo doy Señor / Porque tú me has dado / Lo que soy" ("My gratitude / I give it to you Lord / Because you have given me / What I am"). He also thanks God for his family, his friends, his ministry, and his salvation.

The third song is "Mi Promesa", which means "My Promise". It is another merengue song that declares Bertino's commitment to follow God's will and to serve him faithfully. He sings: "Mi promesa es / Que te voy a amar / Que te voy a servir / Que te voy a adorar" ("My promise is / That I will love you / That I will serve you / That I will worship you"). He also asks God to help him keep his promise and to guide him in his path.

The fourth song is "Como Las Águilas", which means "Like The Eagles". It is a pop song that compares Bertino's faith to that of an eagle that flies high above the storms. He sings: "Como las águilas / Yo quiero volar / Sobre las nubes / Y las tempestades" ("Like the eagles / I want to fly / Above the clouds / And the storms"). He also affirms that God gives him strength and courage to overcome any obstacle.

The fifth song is "Pensar En Jesús",


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