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Landon Mitchell
Landon Mitchell

Download Film Ninja Assassin Full !FULL! Version

Join the race to capture the richest colors and deepest contrast, the most realistic shadows and reflections. All the power of a fully featured capture tool in a small and rugged body. Never miss an important moment again, with the Atomos Ninja V. Even when youre on the run.

Download Film Ninja Assassin Full Version

Take the lead into the smooth, polished world of a lap around the block with the Atomos Ninja V. With the Atomos Ninja V, you can create stunning, ultra-high quality productions with a 1.5inch LCD screen. Delivering 4K HDR in a tiny package that fits in the palm of your hand. The Atomos Ninja V is truly the ultimate cinema camera for the most demanding production situations. With dynamic log transforms, including LRGB, LHG & HLG, lets you instantly preview your settings without having to render the entire sequence.

Watch, discuss and share your latest projects with the new non-stop AtomOS Monitor Assist features. You can even see what the other participants are saying, as you watch the screen in real time. Plus, a whole range of advanced tools to get the most from your clips. The AtomOS Ninja V will become an essential part of your production workflow, giving you the freedom to explore your creative vision without compromise.

The Ninja V is built on the ground up to deliver great results and system stability and intuitive operation right out of the box. You can even instantly preview the Codecs, Batch and MD5 option selections for your workflow with a single glance. Maximum usability also means absolute reliability. Start capturing your material the instant you insert a SD card into the Ninja V and the user interface is ready to go. A feature shared by all other Atomos products, Ninja V is more than ready to capture and perform in the real world, with the new AtomOS Monitor Assist, FrameSkip & Self-Timer feature.


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