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Carley's Care - Going Above and Beyond

Carley has been recognized as the Employee of the Month for her outstanding dedication and commitment to her role as an MTA at Tift County, GA. Consistently surpassing expectations, she embodies the core values of compassion and professionalism in her workplace. Her exceptional performance extends well beyond her primary responsibilities, as she willingly lends a hand to both jail administration and her staff members, earning admiration and respect throughout the facility.

"Carley is a great MTA, she goes above and beyond her duties of an MTA with helping her jail administration and her employees.  She knows her job inside and out and works with her nurses on a daily basis in every aspect."

"Carley makes everyone’s job much easier by helping wherever needed. The Major of her jail states she goes over and beyond her job duties for him and gets things done, stays till the job is completed and all is good."

What sets Carley apart is her consistent focus of her patients' well-being. Regardless of the circumstances, she ensures each individual under her care receives the utmost attention. Carley's dedication shines through in every aspect of her work, reflecting her profound commitment to those she serves. Congratulations and thank you for all you do.

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