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Nurses Week Spotlight - MTA Alyssa and Nurse Tina at Habersham County, GA

MTA Alyssa is proud to be celebrating Nurses week at Habersham Detention Center. She has been with SHP for almost ten years. Nurse Tina has only been with SHP for a couple of months but she has brought a lot of nursing experience since she has been a nurse since 1987. Alyssa is very thankful to have her at her site.

Alyssa’s favorite part of being a Correctional Nurse is seeing a new inmate come in, feeling awful and watching them get better and knowing she had a little part of that.

“I love being at work with my officers who have become my family and I love them dearly (and they know it)! I enjoy spreading love to everyone here, officers and inmates alike. Everyone needs a little pick me up every now and then!”

Tina enjoys the diversity of corrections, especially being able to help the younger inmates. She loves being able to influence and encourage them to avoid drug use. She also enjoys speaking to inmates one on one and getting to know them and their background.

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