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Dobrynya Shiryaev

Spin Tires Tech Demo Tool [EXCLUSIVE]

Spintires is a 2014 off-roading simulation video game by UK-based developer Oovee Game Studios.[1] In Spintires, players take control of off-road vehicles and drive them through muddy off-road terrain to complete objectives. The game was released on June 13, 2014, and has since sold over one million copies. A spin-off game called MudRunner was released on October 30, 2017.[2]

Spin Tires Tech Demo tool

That truck fascination stuck with Zagrebelnyy, and while holding down a day job at Saber, Zagrebelnyy began tooling with a physics-based off-road driving sim tech demo in his spare time. It was the seed of what would eventually become Spintires. Early versions of Spintires are fairly simple, but what was most notable about the demo was its terrain deformation physics system, which would go on to become a key part of Spintires and its subsequent sequels.

"Sad news... just seemed like the development process started, I almost finished my map and tools to develop mods (free upgrade)... as our Englishmen from oovee together with the loot disappeared," he wrote in a post to Russian social media platform VK as preserved by a PC Gamer report. "I don't have permissions to upload the update to Steam. So now I'll complete and release map editor, in the version it is now, and this will be end of Spintires."

And so, in the wake of massive financial success, Spintires appeared to be both financially and technically on the verge of implosion, with its community caught in the crossfire of contradictory and incomplete statements.

Not completely on par with this latest version, but you can download the first freely playable tech demo of SpinTires on PC here or here, so that those who are interested or curious, can at least try it out.

Mind you, all cars and trucks in the tech demo are Russian, probably due to the development team's origins, but the demo serves its purpose to at least give you a feel of the gameplay and car/truck handling.

This is one that I highly recommend. The working beta is an absolute blast with it's terrain deformation and the effects that has on your vehicle's ability to maneuver (or move!) There is tire deformation, vehicle chassis flexation as well as the vehicle simulation itself. Pretty neat package overall and it's only going to get better as they clearly list out many of the game-play features they will be adding. There is also an older technology demo which features some early concepts for these as well.

The easiest way to animate the tires on the rendered vehicle is to connect them to the tires animated by the physics simulation (refer to Animating the Wheels to see how to do this). The drawback of this method is that the suspension parts themselves will be rigidly connected to the chassis and will not animate. This is useful if the vehicles are not the primary focus of the project. If this technique is suitable, the only parts of the rendered mesh that must be separated from the original mesh are the rotating parts of the wheel and tire. All the other parts can remain part of the chassis mesh.

When the None drive type is selected, no tire torques are passed to the tires by the vehicle. The tire torques and steer angles are set manually, instead. This allows customized user control of each tire independently. This can be useful for robotics applications, for example, where tires may be rotated in opposite directions to spin the robot in place.

Whenever the physics tires are moved, however, there are physics properties that must be updated. A tool has been provided to simplify this process. First select the Vehicle primitive, click on the Property tab and scroll to the Vehicle Authoring Helpers panel. Press the Apply button next to Suspension Frame Transforms Autocompute. The physics properties that are updated by the Authoring tool are the suspension frame transforms. The suspension frame refers to the transform of the suspension at maximum compression. For default setups this means that the wheels have to be placed assuming the suspension is fully compressed, before using the tool.

Remember the good old tech demo days? Remember that pretty amazing kamaz truck we all loved to do package pickup with? Well thanks to Gabe_2.0 we can now have that Kamaz in the game. A little more tweaking and testing is left to be done but when it is released you can once again enjoy using this kamaz for whatever you want. Especially those ST users which have actively played the tech demo will want to have this!

Sitting on the stool or chair, hold the wheel by the handles while another person gets it spinning as fast as possible. Lift your feet off the floor and tilt the wheel. If the stool has sufficiently low friction, it should start to turn. Tilt the wheel in the other direction and see what happens.

Modern-day odometers rely on magnetic or optical sensors. These sensors record and count the number of rotations made by a toothed wheel that moves or spins as the tires move. The sensors record and send that information to the engine control unit or ECU via pulse signals.

Hi,i am planning to make a simple vehicle demo with muddy roads like spintires. I am not quite sure where to start with terrain deformation with vehicle tires. For example when the vehicles tire sink in to mud, it has to deform surface with the force and friction. Here is a video to show the affect.

Tire technicians know that balancing tire/wheel assemblies can eliminate vibration and wobbling. This will improve tire wear, increase fuel mileage and remove stress from a vehicle. Vibration caused by out-of-balance tires usually occurs at speeds of 50 mph to 70 mph. Consumers who only drive around town and not on expressways may never notice their tires are unbalanced, but damage is still being done.

This paper describes some tech details in Spin Tires, a game about a big truck driving through mud/water, crushing trees and everything else on its path.You can download playable demo (100 Mb) and see screenshots/videos at official site or at Oovee site. All code samples are either given in C++ language, or DirectX HLSL. In code samples, left-handed DirectX coordinate space is assumed.

Zero gas smell. Zero pull cords. Zero pollution breathed. Zero time wasted.Key features42" Deck Size -- 42" Stamped Direct Drive Mowing Deck with 12-gauge steel for durability and commercial-grade performanceBrushless Motor Technology -- Powered by advanced brushless drive and blade motors ensure incredible torque and power for Better Than Gas performance as well as no belts or pulleys delivering reliable performanceHigh-intensity LED Headlights - For enhanced visibility mowing at dawn or dusk3-cutting options -- Side-discharge, Mulching, and Bagging (Bagging Kit Sold Separately)7 Cutting Heights -- 1.5" to 4.5"Weight -- 200 lb. Storage4G / GPS Connectivity - Realtime battery and unit status feedback. Theft-protection standardWeather Resistant -- IPX4 certified water-resistantThe No ListNo Fumes. You no longer have to smell like gas after mowingNo Emissions. Save money and breathe clean airLow Maintenance. No mixing fuels, no messy spillsLow Noise. Easy on the ear, low-decibel operationWarranty + Service4-year or 200-hour tool limited warranty4-year or 200-hour battery warrantyDedicated Support 1-855-470-4267Dealer Support (see Dealer Locator for details) Specifications What's Included Resources Warranty Learn More FAQs Sustainability How to Videos .tabbed-content .tabbed-content__section.tabbed-content--template--14590683807821__16627160167211090e margin: 0% auto 0%; document.querySelectorAll('.tabbed-content__tablinks').forEach((item) => item.addEventListener('click', toggleTabs); ); document.querySelectorAll('.tabbed-content__name').forEach((item) => item.addEventListener('click', changeColor); ); const tabbedColors = document.querySelectorAll('.tabbed-content__name'); function changeColor(event) tabbedColors.forEach((eachTab) => if ('tabposition') == eachTab.getAttribute('tabposition')) if ('tabbed-content__name--active')) return; else eachTab.classList.add('tabbed-content__name--active'); else eachTab.classList.remove('tabbed-content__name--active'); 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