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Alpha image software free

Alpha images are images that have transparent or semi-transparent pixels, allowing the background to show through. Alpha images can be used for creating realistic effects, such as shadows, reflections, or textures. However, not all image formats support alpha transparency, and not all image editing software can create or edit alpha images. In this article, we will introduce some free software that can help you create and manipulate alpha images easily.



Materialize is a free software that can create alpha textures from photos. It can also generate other maps, such as normal, metallic, roughness, and ambient occlusion. Materialize uses a simple and intuitive interface, where you can drag and drop your photos and adjust the settings to create realistic textures. You can also preview your textures in 3D and export them in various formats. Materialize is available for Windows and Linux.


LunaPic is a free online photo editor that supports alpha transparency. You can upload your images from your computer, URL, or cloud storage and edit them with various tools and effects. LunaPic can also create alpha images from scratch, by using the paint tool or the transparent background tool. You can also adjust the alpha level of any image or layer, and save your images as PNG or GIF files.


Compass is a free software that can be used with Bio-Techne's instruments, such as Abby, Jess, and Wes. Compass can analyze alpha images generated by these instruments, which are used for protein analysis. Compass can perform tasks such as normalization, quantification, quality control, and reporting. Compass can also export the alpha images and data in various formats. Compass is compatible with Windows 10 64-bit.


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