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Dana Lee, LPN, and MVP at SHP

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

For our employee of the month in February we received many nominations. After difficult deliberation and reading through all recommendations, Dana Lee, of Shelby county AL was chosen as February's Employee of the Month.

During the month of January, Dana worked as an acting MTA while the MTA was out on maternity leave. She has gone above and beyond for the role she was hired for and made the transition completely seamless. In one of her Employee of the month nominations they described her saying:

"She is the glue that holds it all together, running the day to day, training new staff, and ensuring her staff nurses are taken care of."

Her jail staff and employees speak highly of her hard work, and ability to handle stress and pressure. Her organizational skills have been praised through all her nominations, along with being able to keep her team positive and task oriented. According to Dana's Supervisors:

"Her leadership is undeniable and positive attitude and outlook in the workplace is contagious."

with another stating,

"This is the type of performance by an SHP nurse this award was designed for."

We really appreciate all of the hard work Dana has done at her site, pushing herself and the entire team at Shelby county above and beyond. This is a skill we love to see put forward and are glad Dana had the ability to share her strong leadership skills during our time of need.


Do you know anyone who shows hard work, leadership and dedication like Dana? Feel free to submit your own Employee of the month recommendation at the link below:

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