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Sharon Harris, Nurse, Mentor, and Leader

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Our Employee of the month for January 2021, to kick the year off, is Sharon Harris. She has been with us as an MTA for several years at one of our largest facilities in TN. Always leading by example and maintaining a positive attitude, she is able to build up the morale of staff, allowing for their needs to be heard and addressed whenever they arise.

Sharon is often Called a team player, working her hardest to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible no matter the difficulty. During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic there was an outbreak at her facility infecting many of the patient population as well as some of Sharon's nursing team. Sharon did her best and managed to rally her team, diligently providing care, healing, and monitoring those inflicted. During this time the jail administration also suffered a heavy personal loss and Sharon represented the SHP family well sharing all our thoughts, prayers, and concerns to those affected.

Through it all, Sharon's hard work did not go unnoticed with the CEO of the Company stating:

"I believe Sharon works selflessly, providing care to not only our patients, but also to the county and SHP Team Members."

With her direct supervisor also stating that;

"Over the years, Sharon has lead by example working with and along side her staff in covering shifts, patient care and, of late, leading them through the pandemic."

We are incredibly appreciative of everything Sharon has accomplished in her time with us at SHP. She has shown us all what it means to lead by example, to keep a team together in trying times, and to represent the SHP Family mentality; treating all of her staff with a level of compassion and understanding while showing no fear. These are the aspects of Sharon that make her the SHP Employee of the Month.


Do you work with a team member like Sharon and feel they could be SHP Employee of the month? Please submit your own Employee of the month nomination at the link below:

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