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MTA Joanne, Compassion in Action!

We are delighted to announce Joanne, from @ Cabarrus County, NC, as our Employee of the Month. Joanne's exceptional kindness, unwavering professionalism, and profound dedication to her team truly sets her apart. Her genuine concern for the well-being of her patients and success of each team member sets a remarkable example, making her an exceptional leader.

"Joanne consistently demonstrates a willingness to lend a hand whenever it's required. She exudes kindness, professionalism, and excellent leadership as a boss."

"Joanne is Tiny but Mighty and I am thrilled to have her be a part of Team NC!  She has made huge strides in turning Team Cabarrus into a well-oiled machine and communication with Jail Administration has never been better.  She's definitely a KEEPER!  

Patient Safety is her utmost priority and she spares no effort in ensuring that every individual's requirements are met. In moments of crisis or emergency, her calm demeanor remains unshaken, providing a source of strength and stability for the entire team. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

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