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Nurse Kayla was Caught in the Act of Caring

SHP is honored to recognize MTA Nurse Kayla as our Employee of the Month! Providing best care for her patients, Nures Kayla receives numerous praises for her amazing care from her patients. She is continually raising the bar and going above and beyond.

"Kayla always provides the best care. Her patients sing her praises daily and always thank her for taking such great care of them. If she is off for a few days, upon her return her patients are always so happy to have her back. She truly cares about each one of them."

She never fails to complete the task at hand and then some. Her positve attitude serves as a motivator to those around her, both her co-workers and patients.

"Kayla works tirelessly to care for her patients. She always has a smile on her face no matter what is thrown her way."
"She has found that Corrections is her calling, and we couldn't be more proud of what she is accomplishing in her MTA role."

All of her hard work and attributes are an inspiration to all of us here at SHP. Congratulations on being recogized as employee of the month and keep up the hard work!

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