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Nurses Week Spotlight- Nurse Angie of Fannin County

Updated: May 10, 2021

Nurse Angie of Fannin County has been working in Correctional Nursing since 2009 after pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse just three years prior in 2006.

Through this transition to corrections, she discovered a new found passion for her work. She loves being able to treat the needs of under-served populations showing, life-altering care to each and every patient she interacts with each and every day.

She appreciates that SHP listens to its employees and provides resources to help the nurses along their daily journey.

When asked what the greatest skill a Correctional Nurse could posses she stressed that Discernment is an incredibly important skill for nurses working in the correctional field and can save time and lives if used correctly.

Thank you so much Nurse Angie for your service to your community through the SHP family at Fannin County. We are extremely appreciative that you shared your love for the craft with us and thankful for every life you change through your hard work and dedication.


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