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Bobbi Hall: A Thoughtful, Thorough, Travel Nurse

This month saw a record high for the number of submissions for Employee of the month, The decision became incredibly difficult with 2 members from our travel-nurse team being at the top. Instead of trying and failing to pick a favorites (as they are both so great) we have chosen both as this month's employees of the month. For the article on our other recipient Cindy Gilbert click here.

Bobbi has been shown to be a very knowledgeable nurse in every aspect of the job and has been more than willing to help every site she has worked at to the best of her ability. She has been noted on many occasions to always practice nursing with a smile, sharing her happiness with the patients and other nurses around her.

"Her critical thinking skills and ability to never be rattled make her a great choice as SHP Employee of the month. She is an outstanding travel nurse!"

Bobbi is always going the extra mile towards excellence and trying to make a difference at every turn. She is incredibly calm under pressure and is able to use her critical thinking skills in every shift through whatever difficulties may arise. For her ability to spread joy, critically thinking when it is needed most, and going that extra mile Bobbi made a great contender for SHP Employee of the Month


Do you know anyone who shows hard work, leadership and dedication like Cindy? Feel free to submit your own Employee of the month recommendation at the link below:

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