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Cindy Gilbert: A Travel Nurse Team Player

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

With a record high for the number of submissions for Employee of the month, this month's employee of the month run was a tough one to choose and ended up with 2 of our highly helpful travel team coming out as a tie at the top. As it was a tie and we appreciate them both so much we decided to not pick and choose them both! For the article on our other recipient Bobbi Hall click here.

"Such a wonderful team player! She definitely deserves recognition for all that she does for SHP."

Cindy has been noted as always going above and beyond to help anywhere she is needed. With her coverage sometimes stretching out to up to 2-3 different sites per day. Through all of her visits to different sites, she always comes in looking professional with a smile on her face and ready for whatever the day may bring. She has been noted as a very knowledgeable nurse and always adheres to the values we want to see represented here at SHP.

She does her job well, with knowledge and with integrity. Cindy is an invaluable asset to SHP and is invaluable as a team-member. She jumps right in no matter what the need may be; to interview prospective employees, training them the SHP way, organizing and getting the site medical offices arranged, and any other things asked of her by her many sites she affects every day. From this hard work, dedication, and superb knowledge, this makes her an ideal choice for being chosen as SHP Employee of the Month.


Do you know anyone who shows hard work, leadership and dedication like Cindy? Feel free to submit your own Employee of the month recommendation at the link below:

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