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Nurse Amber Stays Calm Under Pressure

Despite the challenging tasks, we observed that Amber makes her work into her passion. This has helped her succeed and contributes to her high regard in achieving great results.

"Her positive attitude is a contagious soul in our workplace."

Amber has shown exceptional leadership by taking the new nurses under her wing and lifting them up with words of encouragement. She is a loyal and kind person, always honest and caring, never letting the cares of life mix with her duties as a nurse.

It has been said Amber is the first one they call on when coverage is needed. She is always willing to help by staying over or picking up shifts. You never hear her grumble or complain about her work.

"Your Knowledge, experience and great personality are continuously helping us achieve excellence every day. That's why you are our Employee of the Month!"

Amber's high quality of work is becoming the quality standard in this workplace. Thank you for taking the torch and becoming someone, we can model. Your smile boosts the spirits of your teammates. Thank you for being our motivator!

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