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Nurses Week Spotlight- Nurse Dawn of Wilson County

Nurse Dawn, our Medical Services Coordinator out of Wilson North Carolina, became a nurse after an event where her daughter was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder at an early age. After spending hours in hospitals receiving a diagnosis, she felt that she wanted to help people just like those nurses had helped her and her daughter during this trying time.

After some time in the nursing field she made her way into corrections, a place she never thought she would be, but ended up loving being a part of it. At Southern Health Partners, she enjoys the opportunity to work autonomously and enjoys the variety of care she can provide. Her dedication to the jail and the community have been stated as unmatched as she always strives her hardest to provide whenever and whatever she can.

Dawn Stated recently, "I definitely feel honored in my role. I get to take care of patients, help them, make them feel better, and sometimes save their lives. I have been blessed with some nice words from people who have loved ones in jail. I am told how grateful they are that their family member is being taken care of so well. It really makes you feel appreciated."

Through her life changing work, always helping those in need, Dawn has made a real difference at her jail and provides an excellent example for all nurses. Her site faces an extremely diverse patient population with constantly changing needs and she is always there to provide. We are extremely appreciative she took her time to tell us about her story with SHP so we could share it on Nurses Week 2021. Thank you Dawn, truly, for everything you do.


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