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Reasons Award

Congratulations to Regional Manager Anita for being this quarter Reasons Award winner.

Anita’s dedication for her team and her ability to create a supportive environment is truly commendable. She goes above and beyond to ensure her staff feels heard, valued and supported in their roles.

" Anita is the epitome of striving to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. Through servant leadership, she has continued to be a mentor to fellow nurses through action and unwavering support."

Anita is a passionate advocate for her team’s professional growth and development. Her leadership motivates her team to do their best and provides a positive work atmosphere.

"She has been such an amazing resource and is amazing when it comes to having the people/managerial skills in training and coaching staff. She truly deserves this award as she has gone above and beyond to make sure I have all the resources I could ever need!"

Thank you for your tireless devotion and diligence to SHP and once again congratulations!

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