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Reasons Award

Haylee’s leadership has been instrumental in rebuilding the NC OPS team. Her management style is empowering and, as a result, her team members are motivated and productive. Her leadership has made a remarkable impact on the morale of her staff. She has a natural ability to connect with her team members on a personal level, which has increased job satisfaction and engagement.

"Haylee is an amazing mentor and great advocate. She is always making sure she is available to help out when she can."

Haylee is always available to her staff whether it's to

answer questions or just to listen to them vent their frustrations. She is a constant source of support for her team, celebrating their achievements and praising them for their hard work. She is dependable, a rock-solid support system for her team.

"Haylee has re-built the NC Ops team to be the best! She's a mentor and a supervisor that you can discuss issues with without being judged. "
"She is always a listening ear. Even when everything has fallen apart, she finds something positive in it all."

Thank you, Haylee, for all your hard work and congratulations on receiving this quarters Reasons Award!

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