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April's Compassionate Care

April’s exceptional dedication and compassion has earned her the well-deserved title of Employee of the Month for January.  April serves primarily as the MTA at Blanco, but is always available to help out at other jail facilities when there is a co-worker in need.  Her positivity is infectious, creating an atmosphere that motivates everyone around her. Her willingness to take on new challenges and her relentless pursuit of excellence set a standard that resonates throughout the workplace.

“Nurse April is and will be going WAY above and beyond to help us as our nurse will be out for a while, so April will be taking care of us along with her regular duties at her place of work.”

April's colleagues admire her for her dedication, kindness, and willingness to support others. Her drive to make a difference is evident in every task she undertakes, showcasing her as not just an outstanding employee but a role model for teamwork and dedication. Nurse April's presence elevates the team spirit and encourages everyone to strive for their best.

"Nurse April has always helped out my current jail. She is great with the staff and the patients. I know when I return from being off things have been taken care of. Nurse April is always smiling and just has a great attitude."

Her consistent positivity, enthusiasm, and genuine care for both patients and colleagues make her an invaluable asset to our team. Congratulations, April, for your well-deserved achievement!

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