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Known as the Silent Ninja...Meet Nurse Bobbi

Always paying attention to her surroundings and actively preparing herself and others, Nurse Bobbi is like a silent Ninja. It doesn't matter what is going on, Bobbi is going to make sure everyone lands safely.

Welcoming new nurses with open arms, it is said she makes you feel immediately comfortable. She is encouraging and not afraid to share previous pertinent professional experiences to help teach others.

"Bobbi encouraged me, taught me, praised me, laughed with me if I messed up, and TAUGHT me in the clearest most understandable "for dummies" way! She is THE bomb! I am proud to have a powerful woman working beside me.

Bobbi, you are an amazing employee and worthy of commendation for all your effort. You go above and beyond what is required at a basic level and raise the bar in terms of quality and quantity of work. We are so grateful for the way you step up when there are additional demands to meet.

Your loyalty and willingness to help your team does not go unnoticed. You have inspired your team with your determination, hard work and perseverance. You have become an integral part of this team, thank you for your total commitment to SHP!

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