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Magnificent Molly

Molly's dedication and hard work at Marathon County, WI. has not gone unnoticed, as she has been named the Employee of the Month for August. Her commitment to following policies and providing excellent care to patients has had a positive impact on both her staff and the overall success of the site.

“Molly has stepped up to the challenge and has built a solid team, serving the patient population. She has grown to become a strong leader in the state of Wisconsin and is a blessing to not only Southern Health Partners but to Marathon County”.

"She supports the staff and does the little things that increases the morale and makes people feel valued and respected."

Molly goes above and beyond to support her colleagues and ensure that they feel valued and respected. Her contributions to keeping everything running smoothly and with integrity are commendable. SHP is proud to have such a deserving and

hardworking employee like Molly on our team. Congratulations Molly!

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