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MTA Kendra ~ A True Leader

Kendra, MTA at Newberry County, SC exceptional performance and unwavering dedication has made her deserving of being June’s Employee of the Month. From the moment she arrives at work, Kendra's infectious positivity and caring attitude sets the tone for the entire team. She goes above and beyond in all that she does, never hesitating to lend a helping hand or provide support to her coworkers.

"She is professional, hardworking, caring and compassionate."
"Kendra has patience and love for her workers. Never gets upset if you asked the same questions over and over."

"Kendra has been an excellent trainer and deals with adversity with ease. She is a resource and the backbone of her facility!"

Kendra's exceptional work ethic and adaptability makes her an invaluable asset. She tackles any challenge that comes her way with grace and professionalism, serving as a calming presence during times of adversity. Kendra's wealth of knowledge and experience make her an incredible trainer, guiding her staff with patience and expertise. Congratulations on being Employee of the Month and thank you for being a motivator!

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