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MTA Steven ~ Champion of Care

We are thrilled to announce that MTA Steven at Miller County, AR has been named Employee of the Month for his exceptional dedication and tireless efforts! Steven goes above and beyond every day, ensuring that his team is well-supported with clear and direct communication. His ability to provide corrections without belittling and his strict adherence to protocol set a high standard for his staff.

Steven is always cheering everyone on and going the extra mile, making him an incredible go-getter and a fierce advocate for our patients. His hard work as an educator for both peers and patients is invaluable, and his unwavering positivity lifts the spirits of everyone around him.

"Steven is a consummate professional and embodies the core values of nursing in the way he interacts with patients, staff and his peers.  He is highly respected by his staff simply because he leads by example and is a top-notch problem solver.  We are very grateful to Steven for his loyalty as well as his dedication to the success of his team!"

Thank you, Steven, for being an inspiration to us all. Your commitment to excellence is truly appreciated!

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