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Nurse Lynda is a Perfect Example

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Lynda has been a reliable team member which is the best gift we could ask for. Her excellent performance is an inspiration to us all. It is said that Lynda is the unit's number one go to nurse. She never get's frustrated when multiple questions are asked and is always willing to educate those around her.

"We are truly blessed to have Lynda"

Lynda helps continue to make her unit thrive. Her continued efforts have made her department a well-oiled machine. She continues to have a wealth of knowledge and supports her coworkers. Team members are always talking about her hard work and helpful attitude.

"Your mentorship has made all the difference in the way we approach our work. You never fail to make everyone's day better when you're here"

It's nice to have an employee who is always up for a challenge who always makes an effort to encourage her coworkers. Thank you, Lynda for being such a positive force on our team and always putting forth dedication and excellent work.


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