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Nurses Week Spotlight- Travel Nurse Shelly

Shelly started her nursing career 26 years ago, and later found her way into corrections in 1997. Upon beginning her journey into corrections she discovered that it was her perfect fit. The ability to make a difference in the lives of those who are often mistreated, ignored, or forgotten, completely changed Shelly's view on nursing entirely.

"We take care of people at their lowest point and watch them get better."

Shelly has emphasized that one of her favorite parts of the corrections field is the diversity of issues she gets to provide care for,

"Anything from a small scratch to full trauma; We wear many hats and have to be ready for what each day may hold."

We are incredibly thankful for all of the care and assistance Shelly provides. Her impact can be felt on so many different sites and peoples lives as she has helped us in many different struggles. During the recent COVID pandemic especially Shelly helped many other nurses adapt to the stress and challenges they faced.

Shelly shares many of the values that SHP loves from all of its employees stating,

"We are family, no matter how much we grow."

Thank you Shelly for taking time out of your busy work to help us share your message and story during Nurses Week. We appreciate all of your hard-work, dedication, and leadership you provide to all the places you've helped here at SHP. We at SHP are so proud to call a Nurse with such strong determination, compassion and kindness a member of the SHP Family.


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