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Reasons Award

Congratulations to Stephanie VP of Operations for being honored with this quarter's Reasons Award. She consistently surpasses expectations in her support for her staff. Her unwavering dedication and willingness to address any need make us profoundly fortunate to count her as a crucial part of our team. Serving as a guiding light, Stephanie provides invaluable mentorship in navigating diverse situations and steering her team in the right direction. Her eagerness to assist, combined with her exceptional leadership skills, has cultivated a resilient team environment.

"Stephanie makes everyone around her feel special and needed. She has a very kind heart and truly loves nursing. There is not a single person who can say Stephanie has not made some sort of impact in their life - whether it was professionally or personally. She is an inspiration to all the people under her and we can only hope to be as great a leader as her one day!"

Stephanie's impact extends beyond professional development; she nurtures a sense of belonging and significance among her team members. Her accessibility, honesty, and impartial approach to problem-solving distinguish her as an exemplary leader. Stephanie's influence ripples throughout the entire company, embodying the essence of loyalty, dedication, and the ability to inspire others to reach their best potential. She has a genuine talent for making everyone around her feel valued and essential.

"Stephanie and her superior management skills is what brought me to SHP and one of the many great things about this company."

Stephanie, your hard work and dedication to SHP are truly appreciated.

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