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Integrity = Nurse Jessica

Being a good boss, co-worker and friend, all define Nurse Jessica. She is such a fantastic employee and her commitment to very task is outstanding. She shows continued professionalism in everything she does and has proven herself to be dedicated, ambitious and an upstanding team member.

“Jessica is absolutely and amazing boss, co-worker, and friend! She goes out of her way to make sure her team is taken care of as well as each and every patient she has an interaction with. She treats everyone with respect and kindness and she is a great example of the type of nurse you would want to be!”

Approaching every task with a can-do attitude and coming through on her commitments without fail has lifted up her teammates. Her positivity and enthusiasm make being around her so easy. Jessica is passionate and unwavering going above and beyond everyday and puts everyone before herself. Her co-workers cannot say enough about her and her work ethic.

“I absolutely do not know how she takes on everything she does each and every day but she does it with absolute integrity and professionalism and I consider myself extremely lucky to work with and learn from her every day!”

It means so much to know that SHP has somebody on their side who we can turn to when the going gets tough. Jessica, you never shy away from a challenge, and we know that we can expect your total effort and dedication, whatever the circumstances. We don't often get the chance to thank you for this, but please know that we truly value your loyalty and commitment. Congratulations on being name Employee of the Month!

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