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Someone we can count on; Nurse Mitzia

Reliability is hard to come by, but Mitzia is someone we can always count on! It's

rare to come across people who are so dedicated and trustworthy. Mitzia's work ethic and involvement are admirable, and we are fortunate to have her as one of our Medical Team Administrators.

Her efforts are not unnoticed, in fact it has been said more than once by her team that she is the best manger and she always has their backs. They say she always brings a smile to everyone on the team and that it always boosts their spirits when they need it the most.

"Mitzia has been over accommodating and always takes time to explain and review something if I have issues."

A perfect employee is not the one who comes early and leaves late. It is someone who dedicates themselves to their work wholeheartedly. Mitzia your dedication and hard work have left everyone in utter amazement, you are a star on our team that shines and inspires every day.

"Mitzia is one of the best bosses I've ever had! She 100% has your back, she goes out of her way to do anything you need if it comes to family. She also does whatever she needs to for her patients and the jail facility."

Mitzia, all the appreciation words would only make up for a pinch of all the great works that your have done so far. Keep up the excellent work, and keep rising! Congratulations on being named March Employee of the Month.

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